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Synonyms for flutter

Synonyms for flutter

to move or cause to move about while being fixed at one edge


to move through the air with or as if with wings

to move quickly, lightly, and irregularly like a bird in flight

to move (one's arms or wings, for example) up and down

Synonyms for flutter

the act of moving back and forth

abnormally rapid beating of the auricles of the heart (especially in a regular rhythm)

the motion made by flapping up and down

move along rapidly and lightly

move back and forth very rapidly

flap the wings rapidly or fly with flapping movements

Related Words

beat rapidly

wink briefly


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Designer influences making their way from the runways to the hallways include ruffles, lace, lace-ups, gauzy onion-skin fabrications, peasant looks and fluttery gypsy sleeves.
I used a mascara brush and combed through each lash to achieve a more fluttery look rather than a lash statement.
Falsies (eyelashes, that is) can look fabulous, but layering on extensions, mascara and full sets of fluttery fakes may leave your own lashes looking a little tired.
Sometimes a guy will say something sweet, makin' ya feel all fluttery inside, Other times, his comments leave ya wonderin', "uh .
As I look up to Heaven tonight and find the brightest star, my heart feels warm and fluttery knowing Debony's not so far.
On Tuesday Fuehring fired another volley in his war with the geese with "scare tape" - fluttery Mylar strips, red on one side and silver on the other, designed to frighten birds with their rustling and mirrorlike surfaces.
You got a brush and a tube of black goo and slathered it on your lashes until they became long and fluttery.
Fluttery synths and disco croons--it sounds like Windsurf remixing Escort in heaven.
When you draw close to those fluttery blooms and inhale their rich perfume, you want them in your garden.
For his Fred Astaire-style song-and-dance number, in which he played duelling roulades with an onstage violinist in white tails, Cesare (who made his first-act entrance sporting a red uniform and riding on a tank) changed into top hat and black tails behind a gaggle of fluttery chorines dressed as French maids.
Works like the oval floral fete gallante, nymphea, 2002, or feverish embarkation, 2001, allude to the fluttery brushwork of a Fragonard or Watteau while working it up into something far more frantic and febrile.
To the sound of clanging bells and the bark of Japanese merchants, Karp moved meditatively, her gestures fluttery and quick, as if counting change.
It is those hormones, particularly one called phenylethylamine, which cause that excited, fluttery feeling.