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Synonyms for flute

a high-pitched woodwind instrument

a tall narrow wineglass

a groove or furrow in cloth etc (particularly a shallow concave groove on the shaft of a column)


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form flutes in

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Lohar stepped back from the edge of the stage, like a discus hurler, and let fly a high, filigreed incantation; then a flutelike keyboard line arrived, a galloping beat kicked in, and the room was rocking again.
We've paid a lot of attention to things like texture using, for example, the trumpet and getting an almost flutelike sound from it.
The next morning, having packed up and said our goodbyes, we had one last place to visit - the Dartington Crystal factory at Great Torrington, where we watched amazed, as glowing molten balls of lava were blown and moulded into delicate flutelike shapes by hand.
Delivering an elegant approximation of the woman's distinctly flutelike vocal pitch and endearing mannerisms, Streep abundantly conveys the warmth, rich humor and joie de vivre so evident in Julia's TV appearances and her writing.
A bit flutelike, these creatures begin their serenade in the hush of dusk, singing to one another with pure abandon.
If you live west of the Rockies, listen for a short, muted trill akin to the cooing of a mourning dove with a bad case of nerves, or a series of five to 15 soft, flutelike notes in increasing tempo, similar to the rhythm of a ping-pong ball bouncing to a stop.
A Swanson's thrush has an upward spiraling, flutelike sound that has an ethereal quality," said Dave Irons, volunteer coordinator of the Eugene Stream Team's Delta Ponds project.
He goes on to add a crosscurrent of minor notes suggestive of zamponas or sicus, Andean panpipes, also a melodic line to mimic the flutelike quena, and in short, order an entire pulsating conjunto andino seems to emanate from within the piano itself.
We hit dry land and soon hear a woman singing, a meandering, flutelike voice.