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Synonyms for flustered

thrown into a state of agitated confusion

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Speedily that worthy gentleman appeared, looking warm and flustered.
The Doctor, very red and flustered, drew them on, and stamped off to join the Admiral in his morning walk.
So flustered was she by two such grand young people asking for her lodger, that she forgot to invite them to sit down in the little parlor.
But Aunt Janet's welcome was cordial enough, though a trifle flustered.
Judge Witberg was painfully flustered, and as he hemmed and hawed and essayed to speak, Watson, looking at him, was struck by a sudden whim, and he determined on a grim and facetious antic.
When I came back to my room I found Renard finely flustered.
But little Fyne, as I spied him next morning (out of the carriage window) speeding along the platform, looked very much like a common, flustered mortal who has made a very near thing of catching his train: the starting wild eyes, the tense and excited face, the distracted gait, all the common symptoms were there, rendered more impressive by his native solemnity which flapped about him like a disordered garment.
Cluny said he would be very glad, and followed me readily enough, but he looked flustered and put out.
His waistcoat was red, and he wore knee-breeches, but his aspect was flustered.
He was not flustered, but he could not find at once the opening for inserting his foot.
Then he said to the latter flustered woman, who was putting her cap on, 'Get out with you, and get up-stairs
Where: The Cavern Club, Mathew Street, city centre Tel: 0151 236 1965 Pint pullers: Hot and flustered student types Washrooms: Decaying Long drinks: The usual classic optics with mixers Heroic Hops: Fosters lager and Bulmers on draught Entertainment: Live music almost every night of the week - plus party people On the pull: If foreign tourists are your thing then 'Location A' Time please: Opens daily from 11am; closes Mon-Tues - 7pm, Wed - midnight, Thurs - 2am, Fri-Sat - 2.
Buying her explanation that the address scribbled on a fag packet is her parents', he beetles off to request her hand in marriage - despite her urgent warning that they would be flustered by his sudden appearance.
The American was left flustered when she came face-to-face with a Tartan Army hunk in a kilt and a Scotland top, who helped her out of the taxi and asked for her phone number.
turning them all into tasty C but flustered C chikkin.