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a toilet that is cleaned of waste by the flow of water through it

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One-Gallon Per Flush Toilets Available only from TOTO are ultra high-efficiency, gravity-fed 1.
Conditional phase 3: rental, installation, servicing and maintenance of a flush toilet cabin automatic interview with Marina (flowery Walk left bank of the combine).
He could not say with certainty what was the exact date of Worcester's first flush toilet, but he did unearth one interesting item from a book titled "All the Modern Conveniences.
Many of these innovations will not only revolutionize sanitation in the developing world, but also help transform our dependence on traditional flush toilets in wealthy nations," Gates said in a statement Tuesday.
Crapper did not invent the flush toilet but improvised the existing water closet appliance prevalent in 19th century Britain.
Duo Flush Toilet Conversion: Victor Olascoaga, Summers Crossing, Milestone
We need a variance for a hand pump on our well, no electricity, and a manually filled gravity fed flush toilet.
His book, What the Tudors and Stuarts Did For Us, is published on Monday and looks at innovations of the period, such as the printing press, flush toilet, a knitting machine and a pressure cooker.
Duo Flush Toilet Conversion: Jabbo Tinker, Riverchase, Olympus Properties
On This Day: 1778: Joseph Bramah patented the valved flush toilet.
One of the outbuildings is decorated with the traditional crescent moon, but inside is the ultimate backcountry luxury - a flush toilet.
For one thing, the modern flush toilet isn't as water-wasteful as it used to be; federal guidelines now prohibit the use of more than 1.
1778 - Joseph Bramah patented the valved flush toilet.
A dual flush toilet has two buttons atop the tank, each releasing a different volume of water, depending on what needs to be flushed.