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doing all we can to use the waste our " Biological engineering expert Professor Tom Curtiscustomers flush down the toilet as a fuel Richard Warneford and his colleagues, including professor of electrochemical engineering Keith Scott and Dr Elizabeth Heidrich proposed that by placing a "cassette" containing a positively charged rod and a negatively charged rod on the opposite side of a permeable membrane - a process known as electrolysis - into wastewater it would be possible to create both electricity and hydrogen gas.
We are doing all we can to use the waste our customers flush down the toilet as a fuelRichard Warneford
Flush Down was presented by founder and CEO Tom Reminga, and is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
He always told me to keep the bacteria working properly to mix 1 pound brown sugar, 1/4 cup yeast and dissolve in warm water, then pour or flush down the drain.
With the help of strong chemicals, these factories purify the water and waste you flush down your toilet.
Now they plan to borrow more money to flush down a rat hole of a fight they can never win.
The three companies that presented on the show this morning included Easy Swirl, Flush Down and JAG Grill.
They learned where water comes from, why it's so important to make sure none is wasted, what not to flush down the toilet and took part in activities to see how they can save water and electricity at home.
If there's a big plug over the BBC waste disposal unit, can they please remove it and flush down Children In Need.
Cartoonist Patrick O'Connor seems to delight in displaying his ignorance as he portrays the crash landing of NASA's Genesis mission as a $264 million flush down the toilet.
SEVERN Trent has issued advice on what you should flush down the loo as work gets under way in Leamington to restore more a mile of outdated sewers.
Let's flush down the drain a billion dollars or more, then ask the taxpayers to rectify the problem, and let the bozos who did it stay in office.
Everything that customers flush down the toilet or grind in the sink disposal makes its way into the water.