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a pathological condition resulting from an excessive intake of fluorine (usually from drinking water)

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53) This molecular event could hinder the entry of "raw material" necessary for full mineralization of crystals and thus contribute to the hypominealization of fluorotic enamel.
Ertugrul F, Turkun M, Turkun LS, Toman M, Cal E (2009) Bond strength of different dentin bonding systems to fluorotic enamel.
The researchers grouped the fluorotic thyroid patients according to the level of fluoride in their drinking water.
An additional debate over the performance of different adhesive systems bonding to fluorotic enamel was also noticed between some previous studies.
Several studies have confirmed these findings and have shown that fluorosis is not a significant factor in dissatisfaction with tooth appearance and color or with aesthetic appearance changes that are caused by fluorotic spots.
By early detection with non invasive procedure like MRI which show diffuse low signals on all pulse sequences, we can save the patients from drastic effects like fluorotic myelopathy which require surgical decompression to resolve and fractures.
The lack of exposure to fluoride, whether systemically or as supplementation, would suggest it was unlikely that the mild hypomineralisation defects, distinctive MIH-clinical presentations diagnosed in the study group, were fluorotic lesions.
In the present study, hydroxyproline concentration was significantly increased in urine from cattle of fluoride endemic area as compared to cattle from non fluorotic area.