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an X-ray machine that combines an X-ray source and a fluorescent screen to enable direct observation

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Chisaka and colleagues found that when volunteers swallowed barium pills with water, the fluoroscope showed that the pills became stuck in the esophagus 30% of the time.
3) can show special parts of the rock as can an oil fluoroscope (both obtainable from most company stores).
It's almost like a fluoroscope of your computer screen.
He made frequent use of a fluoroscope, a high-tech X-ray machine that produces pictures instantly on a monitor in the operating room, to check his bearings and make sure he was placing the disc in the right spot.
We measured cartilage thickness with the assistance of a fluoroscope to highly standardize the position of the knee on each exam.
Fellows of that era remember having to wear red goggles for 45 minutes before doing any fluoroscopy so they would be visually accommodated to the dark and be able to see the catheter in the patient under the fluoroscope.
And he applied for a patent on the first fluorescent electric lamp, leaving the fluoroscope he invented in the public domain to further the interest of medicine.
The injected material is then monitored with a device called a fluoroscope as it travels through the biliary ducts, and the surgeon obtains an image similar to a real-time X-ray.
The company uses a real-time X-ray fluoroscope to confirm quality, and all wheels are pressure-tested for leaks.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of a radiograph court and a table-top fluoroscope.
Among his many creations, Thomas Edison developed long-lasting incandescent light bulbs as well as the fluoroscope.
1,2) Those who teach the technique emphasize the use of the C-arm fluoroscope and the tactile introduction of a sinus guidewire.
Philips Easy Diagnost fluoroscope (Philips Medical Systems, Bothell, WA)