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an X-ray machine that combines an X-ray source and a fluorescent screen to enable direct observation

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A Smithsonian magazine blog post with drawings and a video called the fluoroscope "a pseudoscientific machine that became a token of mid-century deception .
3) The selection of the radiopaque filler used will depend on where in the body the material is being used and the energy level of the fluoroscope or x-ray equipment being used.
In some patients fluoroscope had to be used to locate L4 transverse process.
The x-ray room is equipped with a fluoroscope and x-ray apparatus for doing chest, gastro-intestinal, and bone work, and adjacent to this is a dark room for developing films.
Subjects were given 2 wk to test the sockets initially, during which time the selected clinic recorded X-rays and fluoroscope as an addition to their clinical notes and medical justification.
Metal marker bands, which easily are detected under an X-ray fluoroscope, are placed at strategic locations along the catheter so surgeons know exactly where the catheter is during the procedure.
Olympus JF-130 side-viewing video dudenoscope with Olympus CV-160 image processor and Toshiba CS-11 fluoroscope were used.
The hospital's departments have been provided with advanced technological equipment, for instance, PET-CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasonic mammogram, Fluoroscope, BMD, Cath.
Without a word he took the boy's shirt off, placed him behind a fluoroscope and turned off the overhead light.
However, some screening programs used photofluorograms, photograms of fluoroscope images, rather than conventional X-rays.
0 mm in diameter) at the optimal position of the scaphoid under fluoroscope without using the jig.
The radiologist uses a fluoroscope to follow the column of barium down the esophagus into the stomach.
Aortic aneurysms can be repaired via open surgery or through a minimally invasive technique using an fluoroscope (endovascular repair).