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a halocarbon in which some hydrogen atoms have been replaced by fluorine

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It was the early-ice equation, trying to present baitfish as well as possible, that got me tinkering with fluorocarbon leaders instead of wire.
Fluorocarbon Surface Technologies is part of the Fluorocarbon Group, one of the UK's largest fluoropolymer processor and global supplier of PTFE, polymer related components and engineering plastics and stock shapes.
To get the most out of your braid in clear water, use a leader of fluorocarbon joined by a Double-Uni or Alberto knot.
We recommend adding a 6-foot fluorocarbon leader between mainline and lure.
The UHP slit valve door's molded-in-place perfluorinated or fluorocarbon elastomer seal is engineered to increase service life up to 10 times that of doors with conventional O-rings in dovetail groove assemblies.
The nation's first law governing the collection and disposal of fluorocarbons, aimed at curbing emissions of the ozonosphere-depleting gas to protect the global environment, was unanimously enacted Friday at the House of Councillors plenary session.
LF (low flow) pump heads and Q661 small bore tubing kits feature standard wetted materials of ceramic and fluorocarbon, which provide a chemically-resistant fluid path and millions of trouble-free cycles.
But a new fluorocarbon-based blood substitute, called Oxygent, uses bromo-perfluoro-octane, a fluorocarbon that is quickly excreted by the lungs.
Summary:Following a meeting with the European Commission, the European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee (EFCTC - a section of CEFIC - European Chemical Industry Federation) has expressed concern with the current proposal for a Council Regulation on ozone-depleting substances (COM(98)398).
Because of their stable chemical composition and high molecular weights, fluorocarbon coatings can withstand harsh environments.
Passive losses, the credit crunch, wetlands regulations, fluorocarbon phase-out, indoor air quality, lead print removal and the Americans With Disabilities Act are some of the areas of concentration for the 12 national real estate organizations.
The two simplest and most effective knots for monofilament and fluorocarbon are the Palomar and Trilene.
It is on average up to 50% cheaper than alternative fluorocarbon formulations being proposed as alternatives and much more cost effective than water based processes.
The water repellency imparted has shown to be durable after 30 home laundry wash times, which is equal to, or better than, that imparted by standard fluorocarbon water repellent finishing systems in the market.