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a soft mineral (calcium fluoride) that is fluorescent in ultraviolet light

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Wuchuan Mining"), has formed a strategic partnership to supply processed fluorite powder to Ningxia Jinhe Chemical Co.
The growing tight supply of fluorite resources forced the tycoons in fluorine chemical industry, including SOLVAY, Arkema, Stella, Morita, Dai kin Industries and INEOS, to transfer the production of hydrofluoric acid to China, and established their plants there successively.
Equipped with a Genuine Canon 20x zoom lens that incorporates a fluorite lens element and a Super-Range Optical Image Stabilizer
The prices of 12 out of 17 goods with exports more than USD 100-million increased compared to 2005, except the granitic slabs, glass sheets, fiberglass fabrics, marble tiles and fluorite.
The increase in net sales was mainly due to greater sales volume for fluorite powder and copper concentrate in the third quarter of 2012.
9% TREO, consisting dominantly of rare earth and presumably fluorite minerals, may be subjected to the WHIMS method a second time.
The Company has the following principal areas of interest in China: (a) fluorite extraction and processing in the Sumochaganaobao region of Inner Mongolia; (b)fluorite and barite extraction and processing in the Wuchuan County of Guizhou province (c)fluorite and barite extraction and processing in the Yanhe County of Guizhou province.
The presence of a large magnetic body(can be viewed on Kat's website)that appears to be intrusive into the overlying rock sequences that appear regionally altered, are variably pyretic and contain vein type fluorite mineralization and appears to suggest a magnetic origin for the mineralization.
China Shen Zhou", or the "Company")(NYSE Amex: SHZ), a company engaged in the exploration, development, mining and processing of fluorite, barite, zinc, copper, and other nonferrous metals in China, today announced that SRK Consulting China ("SRK")(Beijing office) will provide a complete, JORC-compliant technical report on the reserves of Xinyi No.
Besides, it is the major downstream processed product of fluorite.
Since the shortage of fluorite resource, the demand for fluorite in China grows incessantly.
After one year of comprehensive site visits, survey design, data collection, modeling and estimation, the SRK technical report has drawn the following conclusions regarding the fluorite resources, reserves and processing capacity of Xinyi No.
Optically, both lenses will outperform their predecessors through the use of two fluorite elements over the previous one fluorite and two UD glass elements.
The optical formula of the new lens has been upgraded with the inclusion of two fluorite lens elements for improved image quality and reduced chromatic aberration.
In some complex ores, barite, fluorite, and sulfur associated with sulfide ores are of industrial value.