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a soft mineral (calcium fluoride) that is fluorescent in ultraviolet light

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Although Mexichem's PVC production is smaller in scale compared with Westlake's, it benefits from the backward integration and diversification of its PVC and fluorite businesses which have a relatively higher component of finished products.
Five samples of fluorite from these localities were studied for this report: four cabochons of 24.
Chapter 5 offers a useful directory of the most important producers of fluorochemicals, hydrofluoric acid, and fluorite, clearly arranged according to contact details, turnover, profit, product range, production sites, profile summary, products, and applications.
Fluorite is well known for the amazing colours it can give out, so much so that it has been given the nickname of "the most colourful mineral in the world".
The booth was not completely set up yet, but I spotted a fine small miniature of French rose-colored fluorite on matrix that Alain thought highly of, even though it is repaired.
One of them is witherite, which usually forms in low-temperature hydrothermal conditions, like deposits associated with fluorite, baryte, calcite, aragonite, galena, and other sulphide minerals (Wedepohl 1978).
The range will be available in five great girlie colours - camilla pink, berry bloom pink, impressionist blue, indigo and fluorite.
In the meantime, the assembly of NMS has decided to initiate bankruptcy proceedings and RAS awarded the concession of the mine Genna Tres Montis, formerly managed by NMS, to the newly created company Fluorite di Silius SpA (FdS), fully owned by RAS, and transferred all former NMS workers and part of the remaining assets to FdS.
36 million subsidies paid to Sardinia fluorite mining company Nuova Mineraria Silius (NMS), maybe condemning the business to liquidation.
One of the best known locations of fluorite is at Castleton in Derbyshire where this stone is mined as Derbyshire Blue John.
Flotation and recovery of fluorite of a polysulfhide ore of seal with lead-silver-zinc-iron
Cracks and fractures in the rock, called faults, filled with mineral-rich fluids which cooled to form veins of lead ore, zinc, fluorite, quartz, baryte, witherite, calcite, limonite and pyrite.
The line consists of four models, the Compact G80 with straight-through eyepiece mount, the Compact S80 with 45-degree eyepiece mount, and two models (G80-HD and S80-HD with innovative fluorite lens assemblies.
In this process, alumina is dissolved in baths of molten synthetic cryolite (aluminum fluorite, Na3AlF6) inside large, carbon-lined cells called pots, then electrolytically reduced to aluminum metal.