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To guide survey development, we developed a conceptual model that was informed by the Roger's Model of Stages in the Innovation-Decision Process (Rogers 2003) and the Conceptual Model of Fluoride Varnish Diffusion (Lewis, Lynch, and Richardson 2005).
Follow-up at her local primary dental care clinic on a three-monthly basis was arranged, to include regular placement of fluoride varnish in conjunction with dietary and oral hygiene advice.
use of systemic or topical fluoride or fluoride varnish, as needed to strengthen teeth and prevent decay;
These included elementary schools for screening and education programs and Head Start screening, fluoride varnish application and education programs.
The contribution will allow Sealants for Smiles([R]) to expand the traditional model of school-based dental sealants of providing services only to 2nd and 6th grade children to providing oral health education, oral health evaluation by a licensed Utah dentist, fluoride varnish and dental sealants to all grades.
It includes a preventive program providing full-mouth fluoride varnish and fissure sealants, as well as clinical services (dental check-ups, fillings, extractions and other treatments).
First Tooth will train staff at two local pediatric offices and at the county's two health clinics to include basic dental care - such as oral exams and applying fluoride varnish to teeth - with the medical services they offer their Oregon Health Plan patients age 6 and younger.
There is evidence that involving primary care providers in administering select preventive dental services such as application of fluoride varnish, caries risk assessment, anticipatory guidance, and referral to a dental home are effective measures in preventing childhood caries.
A dentist can also determine whether your child is at risk for cavities and suggest preventive measures like sealants on molars or fluoride varnish protection.
Mr Cockcroft pointed to the successes that have been made since the implementation of the 2007 Delivering Better Oral Health, such as a 63% increase in the use of fluoride varnish, and says that feedback has been very positive from the whole dentistry community.
News of the bad teeth emerged as Mr Poots unveiled details of a research trial using fluoride varnish on two to four-year-olds.
It includes tooth brushing, healthy eating and drinking, dental screening and fluoride varnish applications.
2003] found that the frequent use of a fluoride dentifrice enables a greater degree of enamel hardness than the combination of the dentifrice with a fluoride varnish.
In 2002 he began training 65 local dentists and volunteers to work in clinics in Quito and in the remote city of Ibarra, putting sealants and, later, using fluoride varnish on teeth, and handing out toothbrushes and tooth-paste.
Increased Children's Access to Fluoride Varnish Treatment by Involving Medical Care Providers: Effect of a Medicaid Policy Change.