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If new parents lived in an unfluoridated area of the county, he prescribed fluoride drops for their babies.
Fluoride tablets and fluoride drops (traditionally termed fluoride supplements), fluoridated milk and fluoridated salt have been available for decades.
If it's not present, fluoride drops, tablets, or fluoride-containing vitamins can be recommended for children over 6 months of age.
Dawn, of Linlithgow, feels guilty that it was her own dedication in giving Carena the recommended dose of fluoride drops, tablets and mouthwashes that led to her teeth being spoiled.
ASK your dentist for advice on how to prevent tooth decay and whether your baby needs fluoride drops or tablets.
S House Committee on Science investigation on fluoride, the FDA, in writing, states that they have never approved any fluoride substance intended for ingestion for the purpose of reducing tooth decay, including fluoride drops, tablets, and vitamins.