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Fluoride helps in demineralization of dental enamel by being adsorbed at the tooth enamel surface and thus decreasing its solubility in acids [21].
The amount of fluoride in drinking water is typically much lower to be effective against dental caries process.
The aim of this study is to evaluate the occurrence of dental fluorosis in children of Avarankattur village in Pappireddipatti block of Dharmapuri district and correlating it with fluoride content of drinking water and other related factors.
The present hospital-based study was conducted to correlate the occurrence of dental fluorosis in children aged 6-14 years belonging to Avarankattur Village with that of fluoride content of drinking water from various sources and other related factors by convenient sampling technique since the duration of the study was 3 months.
2012) (12) explored the relationship between fluoride and children's IQ.
Not included in the aforementioned meta-analysis, eight additional cross-sectional studies performed in India (n = 4), (13-16) Iran (n = 1), (17) Mexico (n = 1) (18) and China (n = 2) (19,20) found that children classified as having "high" fluoride exposure (defined in various ways) scored lower on some or all components of metrics used to assess intelligence or cognition.
evant inorganic Fluorides are Hydrogen fluoride, Calcium fluoride, and Sodium fluoride.
Keywords: Fluoride, Amniotic fluids, Antioxidant enzymes, Lipid peroxidase, Rat.
Use of silver diamine fluoride should be combined in a preventive oral health program with use of sodium fluoride varnish for remineralization of early caries lesions and application of sealants for prevention of caries when resources are available
The researchers grouped the fluorotic thyroid patients according to the level of fluoride in their drinking water.
And in September 2015, fluoride varnish was added to the Bright Futures Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents and integrated into the Bright Futures-AAP periodicity schedule.
The small rise in plasma fluoride levels that can follow an application of fluoride varnish is comparable to ingesting a 1-mg fluoride tablet or brushing with fluoridated toothpaste, Dr.
Co-administration of vitamin E and sodium fluoride to animals of group C showed statistically significant prevention of signs of degeneration in hepatic lobules.
Combined results of 13 trials found an average 23% reduction in decayed, missing, and filled teeth (rather than tooth surfaces) in permanent teeth with the use of fluoride mouth rinse compared with a placebo or no mouth rinse.
Fluoride is added to the water supply with the aim of reducing the incidence of dental caries, which is a "bacterial disease that causes the demineralisation and decay of teeth and can involve inflammation of the central dental pulp" (4) and which is commonly referred to as tooth decay.