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the addition of a fluoride to the water supply (to prevent dental decay)

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The importance of these questions is amplified when applied to a population intervention, such as water fluoridation.
A statement on the CRD's website entitled 'What the York Review on the fluoridation of drinking water really found' says: "We were unable to dis-coveany reliable good-quality evidence in the fluoridation literature world-wide.
In order to push fluoridation, in almost every case, the powerful pro-fluoridation interests make serious preparations.
The extra funding I am announcing means that, should local people decide to support fluoridation, SHAs have the resources to implement it.
The evidence shows that water fluoridation is one of the most effective ways of reducing tooth decay Mr Johnson urged the NHS to consider fluoridating tap water for those areas with poor dental health.
I hope that the statement signed by such a prestigious body of people calling for the end to water fluoridation will be a turning point and that the practice of fluoridation is now in its death throes.
A league table published by the British Fluoridation Society in April into the state of oral health of five-year-olds illustrates the divide.
After a brief debate, many MPs supported it because they were assured that all communities would be consulted and that no fluoridation would take place unless strong local support was established.
The current research group evaluated the relationship between water fluoridation method and PbB concentrations in children by conducting a large-scale statistical analysis of two other preexisting studies: the 1992 Fluoridation Census and the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III).
The health authorities are supposed to consult widely with consumers before coming to such a decision, but this certainly did not happen in the 90s when I first took up the issue of fluoridation.
Tap water fluoridation is not without its critics, however.
It is nothing new; there is a 50-year history of fluoridation in the U.
REGARDING ``Row looms over new Fluoride Law'' (ECHO,May 23), the contribution from Professor John Ashton in favour of water fluoridation was short on evidence.