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While fluoridation supporters used a wealth of scientific evidence from sources including the state department of health and the American Dental Association to make their case, the decision to stop fluoridating was based on truncated information culled from the Web and was taken out of context, Proctor said.
25) More recently, a 1992 policy statement from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) says: "A recent comprehensive PHS review of the benefits and potential health risks of fluoride has concluded that the practice of fluoridating community water supplies is safe and effective.
The addition of fluoride to customers' water supplies is presented as a means of preventing tooth decay, which by definition makes the fluoridating chemical a medicine,'' he said.
Others contend that fluoridating water is an inefficient way to improve dental health, since people drink only a tiny fraction of municipal water supplies - most is sprinkled on lawns, used by industry or flushed down the drain.
Margaret Gray, dental public health consultant for Walsall, Wolverhampton and Dudley, said the findings reflected what had happened in the Black Country since they started fluoridating their water.
Fluoridating drinking water with recovered pollution is a cost-effective means of disposing of toxic waste.
Some of us recall the fluoride hysteria that began about half a century ago when towns began fluoridating their water supply.
In June 2008, the San Diego city council accepted an offer of funding from the First 5 Commission of San Diego County for the purpose for fluoridating the city's public water supply.
The study's co-author, pro-fluoridation activist and dentist Jonathan Broadbent, claimed: "Our findings will hopefully help to put another nail in the coffin of the complete canard that fluoridating water is somehow harmful to children's development.
One part per million (ppm) of fluoride in drinking water - the so-called optimal level at which dental fluorosis was ex-pected to be very mild - has been reduced independently by several fluoridating countries, including Hong Kong, Canada and Ireland, because at 1ppm, the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis became unacceptable.
She said: "The Department of Health published guidance in 2008 to help improve dental health and reduce health inequalities by considering the option of fluoridating the local water supply, alongside other options.
The sole reason for fluoridating the water supply is supposedly to prevent tooth decay in children, and yet the whole population would be subjected to it, whether they wanted it or not.
In May, APHA's Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD, FACP, FACEP (E), wrote to city Mayor Jerry Sanders and urged city officials to "move ahead speedily" with fluoridating San Diego's entire water supply.
Eugene voters last weighed in on the subject in the mid-1970s, voting against fluoridating the water supply.
7) asks how the Department of Water and Power can get away with fluoridating our water.