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Fluoridated milk and fluoridated salt could be a public health measure in target groups with high caries prevalence and low compliance for tooth brushing in areas without water fluoridation.
With the purpose of reinforcing dental hygienists' role in assessing patients' use of fluoridated products and varied sources of drinking water, this article will review the impact of fluoridated water on tooth decay, discuss the current guidelines on fluoride use and the fluoride content of frequently accessed water sources, and provide resources regarding fluoride sources for the dental team and patients.
Harvard University researchers found that boys aged six to eight who were exposed to higher levels of fluoridated water were about four times more likely to develop the cancer than those exposed to lower levels.
The tremendous danger occurs by showering or, worse yet, by bathing or soaking in fluoridated water.
To better investigate the role of each of these factors in determining why some states have high rates of tooth loss and others do not, I regressed the edentulism rate by state against the following variables: the percentage of adults with a bachelor's degree or higher, the elderly poverty rate, state per capita personal income, urban population percentage, percentage of residents that are everyday smokers, and the percentage of the population with fluoridated water (Data, sources, and results at: http://joshua.
Health experts do concur, however, that fluoridated water should not be added to baby formula, which already may contain fluoride.
In addition, some brands of bottled water sold in the US, such as Nursery Water, specifically market fluoridated water for young babies.
As of 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that more than 162 million Americans were receiving fluoridated water.
The communities compared were Minden, Nebraska, a community with fluoridated water, and Hastings, Nebraska, where the water is non-fluoridated.
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the United Health Foundation reported 87% of West Virginians drink fluoridated water yet have the fewest teeth in the U.
In contrast,children in the fluoridated West Midlands have suffered far less damage,including in Birmingham (1.
The research in Newcastle, where tap water is fluoridated, also found that labelling about fluoride content was inaccurate in 75 per cent of the brands tested.
Block's recommendation to begin using fluoridated toothpaste as soon as the teeth erupt.
Several brands are now intentionally fluoridated, including offerings from Abita Springs, Crystal Springs, Culligan, Mountain Park and Pure American.