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subject to fluoridation

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Slightly fluoridated Hawaii and Utah have the lowest tooth loss rates.
The report confirms the benefits gained in improved dental health for children in fluoridated areas of the region.
About 62 percent of the nation's water supply, furnishing water to some 145 million Americans, is fluoridated, he said.
In the fluoridated Republic of Ireland,people are 40pcmore likely to contract bone cancer than in non-fluoridated Northern Ireland.
Wellington, June 3 (ANI): A new Kiwi study has shown that kids using non-fluoridated water have a higher rate of tooth decay than children relying on fluoridated supplies.
Researchers, Malin and Till, conclude that, even after controlling for socio-economic-status, their findings suggest that fluoridated water may be an environmental risk factor for ADHD.
But some dentists who work with children in fluoridated communities say tooth decay is resurfacing among young patients.
California American Water's customers in its San Diego County service district, which includes the cities of Coronado and Imperial Beach and portions of south San Diego and Chula Vista, will receive fluoridated drinking water beginning Dec.
Hillier and her associates also conducted an ecologic study of 2,110 individuals, which showed no correlation between hip fracture among residents of areas with highly fluoridated water and those living elsewhere.
From my experience as a general dental practitioner practising on the boundary of fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas, I can assure readers that children from the fluoridated area have a substantially better teeth than those from the non-fluoridated area.
2 ( ANI ): A study that was conducted in Sweden has not found any association between drinking fluoridated water and hip fractures.
The American Dental Association advised that baby milk powder should not be made up using artificially fluoridated water and that fluoride shouldn't be given to a child under a year old.
drinking fluoridated water at school or a childcare facility
In an age of modern dentistry and fluoridated water, "good" teeth are more common than at any other point in history--although, like almost everything else, they are also a reliable indicator of socioeconomic position.