fluorescent fixture

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a lighting fixture that uses a fluorescent lamp


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Yet while nothing could be more manufactured and iterative than hardware-store-bought fluorescent fixtures, it is equally true that nothing about them is "reproductive" in the Benjaminian sense.
Compact fluorescent fixtures provide an efficient and attractive alternative to standard fluorescent "area" lighting, particularly when the area does not contain any detail-type work areas.
The tenant spaces are lighted by two-by-four fluorescent fixtures with four tubes per fixture.
A single line of fluorescent fixtures (69 total) spans the full length of the bridge on one side, uniformly uplighting the ceiling, allowing the contrail to glow.
Business customers interested in the Energy Efficiency Rebate Program must sign a minimum 12 month contract with TXU Energy and install proven energy-efficiency technologies, including fluorescent fixture retrofits, LED exit signs, programmable thermostats and high-efficiency HVACs.
Its top section is a 7-inch-deep light box containing a 3-foot fluorescent fixture.
This means this unit will produce more light using less power, and will require less servicing than a standard fluorescent fixture.
Pink Sheets:AXTG) is pleased to announce that it has engaged the services of Mark Thorpe, a highly-regarded fluorescent lighting expert, to head up sales of Axis products to fluorescent fixture manufacturers (OEM's) nationwide.
This explosion proof emergency light looks and operates like a standard fluorescent fixture, but incorporates a corrosion resistant housing and emergency backup battery system that provides a failsafe lighting option and the ability to withstand the effects of a corrosive operating environment.
With illumination levels of 425 lumens/foot, the Talea-HP provides lighting levels equivalent to one 15-Watt halogen bulb every six inches, one 8-Watt (F8T5) fluorescent fixture every foot, or one 15-Watt (F15T8) fluorescent fixture every 18 inches.
When a fluorescent fixture is converted to LED T8, Facilities Manager often asks the same question: what will happen if a facilities maintenance people mistakenly replace an LED tube with a fluorescent tube?
Cyberlux Corporation (OTCBB: CYBLE), a leading provider of LED lighting solutions, announced today that the company has begun production of fluorescent fixture replacement products that will immediately deliver 31% improvement in energy efficiency per visible lumen and a performance life-time rating of 75,000 hours, as compared to the typical T5/T8/T12 fluorescent tube performance of 7,500 hours, thus providing a 10X performance improvement over typical office building fluorescent fixtures.
Acuity Brands offers new construction fixtures, as well as retrofit assemblies that help lower renovation costs by allowing retailers to convert recessed fluorescent fixtures to high-performance LED without removing the old housing.
Replacement for: Metal Halide at 250, 400, and 1,000 watts, as well as T12, T8, and T5 fluorescent fixtures with 4, 6, or 8 tubes.
The DirecT8 LED tubes provide a simple LED retrofit solution for existing fluorescent fixtures," explains Paul Phillips, Senior TCP LED product manager.
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