fluorescent dye

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a yellow dye that is visible even when highly diluted

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However, in this case, green fluorescent dye is added on the top of the rigid UV-shielding layer and orange fluorescent dye is incorporated in the elastomer layer.
The new V539 ink contains a unique set of fluorescent dyes and visible dyes, combined to provide machine readable and human readable codes on a wide variety of colored substrates, such as caps, pre-printed labels and decorated products.
Keywords: Corneal ulcer; fluorescent dye strip; horse
Until now, it was difficult to understand how those dyes were oriented and impossible to know if the fluorescent dye was attached to the DNA in a rigid or somewhat loose way.
A further PS634,000 will fund University of Oxford research into a fluorescent dye which it is hoped will help spot cancers earlier.
Quartz Dot consists of fluorescent dye stably fixed inside a nano-sized silica particle, which was developed by combining Furukawa Electric's unique particle synthesis technology and optical technology, and functional groups with connectivity with protein, etc.
To assess the porosity and the ability of the microcapsule to hold small molecules in an aqueous environment, a water-soluble fluorescent dye, 6-carboxyflourescin (6 FAM), was encapsulated.
The oxidative damage within the cell is then measured as the relative fluorescence resulting from the reaction of the reactive oxygen species with fluorescent dye.
Ideally they could use a separate hosereel fed from a tank containing a harmless fluorescent dye that would take weeks to wash off.
These lasers provide for increased experimental flexibility and sophistication by greatly expanding the fluorescent dye selection available to the customer.
The instrument reads fluorescence from an added fluorescent dye or tag and, because of its high sensitivity, minute amounts of fluorescence can be quantitatively measured indicating the amount and distribution of the sprayed material.
Fluorescent dye injections and single-anchor long T-bar tags were the most successful means identified in tagging sea cucumber in the waters off Maine.
A new method uses a confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) to image the coating layer after it is stained with a fluorescent dye.
Finally, a second antibody, called a reporter antibody and labeled with a fluorescent dye or a fluorescent quantum dot, binds to a different region on the toxin or pathogen.
They incubated the tissue for 90 minutes in a solution containing musk compounds and the fluorescent dye rhodamine B.
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