fluorescent dye

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a yellow dye that is visible even when highly diluted

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Previous researchers have also used fluorescent dyes to stain the calcareous plates surrounding the buccal cavity of sea cucumbers but with varied results.
The concept regarding fluorescent dyes is that they are molecular probes, i.
The assays are two-site "sandwich" immunoassays configured with six pairs of antibodies, two fluorescent dyes, and particles of a uniform size.
The measurement procedure is based on fluorescent quenching of a fluorescent dye immobilised in a polymer in the form of an OxyDott Advantages of using this system include the ability to withstand pasteurisation being sterilisation tested up to 150[degrees]C (1sp/hr); it can be used in oil, water, gas and air, is independent of pH (2-12) and salt concentration and cannot be affected by other gases.
In this work, the researchers produced paper for special applications using transition metals, cellulose derivatives, and fillers in the presence of fluorescent dye.
Tracy McKechnie, 24, from St Andrews University, said at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the breakthrough comes from using special fluorescent dye.
This was compared to a newly designed fluorescent dye technique in order to evaluate the sensitivity of the new technique.
Tenders are invited for Fluorescent Liquid Dye Penetrant Type-I Fluorescent Dye Washability Method -A,Sensitivity Level-1 Low Rdso Specn.
The pink blotches in this micrograph are fluorescent dye attached to biodegradable polymer microcapsules.
Professor Kevin Belfield at University of Central Florida used IR rays and fluorescent dye to take pictures of cells and tumours deep within tissue.
The NIST measuring technique relies on the presence of a fluorescent dye molecule that is doped into the polymer resin at very low concentrations.
Isolated pieces of RNA are labeled with a fluorescent dye and then allowed to hybridize to chips, each of which is studded with up to 40 oligonucleotides complementary to each of the 6,200 specific yeast genes and open reading frames (areas that are likely to be protein-coding regions of the genome).
In this technique, a special fluorescent dye is dissolved in the resin at a low concentration.
created this psychedelic image of a bladderwort's trap using fluorescent dye to tag the cellulose in plant cell walls.
When imaging tissues, Richards-Kortum's team applied a common fluorescent dye that caused cell nuclei in the samples to glow brightly when lighted with the tip of the fibre-optic bundle.
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