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Synonyms for fluorescent

a lighting fixture that uses a fluorescent lamp

emitting light during exposure to radiation from an external source

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brilliantly colored and apparently giving off light

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Industry insiders said that the average selling prices (ASP) of a fluorescent fish is about 60 times that of the same-species tropical fish in the first year on the market, and then still about five-folds after mass cultivation.
Compact fluorescents generally cost $3 to $5 each, compared with as little as 50 cents for an incandescent bulb.
Professor John Buckeridge, Head of the School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, says the public health effects of having millions of mercury-contained fluorescent tubes dumped in landfill will be 'disastrous,' with possible severe environmental and health costs including mercury poisoning's effects on the nervous systems of both humans and animals.
Colorants for olefins, acetal, nylon, PC, PS, ABS, SAN, and rigid PVC include fluorescent dyes for brilliance and edge glow.
After surveying individuals' perception of their office lighting's quality, crews substituted the commonly used reddish-white fluorescents with lower-lux, bluer-toned ones.
I use fluorescent light," she said, even though a study that was done long ago deemed it inferior.
Apart from the obvious formal transformation from pink pigment to pink fluorescent tube, the reference to "icon" returns via the placement of the later work.
In this work, the researchers produced paper for special applications using transition metals, cellulose derivatives, and fillers in the presence of fluorescent dye.
Laser scanners detect the red and/or green fluorescent signals of the spotted gene fragments to reveal the relative abundance of the treated and control cDNAs, and hence the relative abundance of the original RNA transcripts.
It was this experiment that led Roentgen to the discovery of x-rays, because he knew that some invisible energy was causing the fluorescent effect.
GE Lighting has made manufacturing improvements, along with a simplification of its fluorescent lighting line, to provide a wide range of products compliant with the Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) at no increase in cost.
The light you're reading this article by is either incandescent or fluorescent.
The measurement equation for the total fluorescent radiance is derived in this Appendix in a four-step process.
Although lacking the infrastructure to recycle computer monitors, mercury switches and fluorescent bulbs, Canada is starting to address the safe recycling of these materials.
Aurora Biosciences Corporation (San Diego, CA; 858-404-6767) announced the issuance of United States Patent 6,046,925 entitled "Photochromic Fluorescent Proteins and Optical Memory Storage Devices Based on Fluorescent Proteins.
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