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Synonyms for fluorescent

a lighting fixture that uses a fluorescent lamp

emitting light during exposure to radiation from an external source

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brilliantly colored and apparently giving off light

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Because fluorescent lamps are 75 percent cooler than incandescent lamps, the rooms they light will require less cooling, further reducing energy costs.
Fluorescent Green Glass Microspheres - 515nm peak emission at 414nm excitation
In this work, the fluorescent powders and PLA pellets were firstly mixed and pelletized by the twin screw extruder, and then the UV-excitable fluorescent PLA fiber was prepared by using the traditional melt spinning process.
LM-66-14 addresses the methods for obtaining uniform and reproducible measurements of the electrical and photometric characteristics of single-based compact fluorescent, for both electrode and electrodeless lamps, under standard conditions in alternating current, both line and high frequency, circuits.
HALP-EMG-48-2L-T5HO Class 1 Division 2 Emergency Fluorescent Light looks and operates like a standard fluorescent fixture, but includes a corrosion resistant housing and emergency backup battery system.
There is an LED replacement now for an incandescent lamp, the cost is high, but you know, 15-30 years ago, the cost for replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs was around $7 per fluorescent light bulb, now it's like $1.
Aim is the development of synthetic material higher protection class luminaires [1] which can be deployed in an energy efficient manner also at low temperatures in the range of +30 [degrees]C to -10 [degrees]C in moving air in connection with three-band fluorescent lamps of the type T5/16 mm.
Taiwan, a major export nation of higher-priced ornamental fish, is taking a lead by integrating the local biotechnology and aquaculture industries to develop fluorescent fish.
The newly developed compact fluorescent lamp is mainly used in office environments, shops, storerooms and as outdoor lighting.
Patented circuitry enables the product to operate in existing fluorescent fixtures without modifications to the fixtures or ballasts, which allows users to simply remove an existing fluorescent tube and drop in the ilumisys MK1 product.
So far, the ministry has set a standard for fluorescent lamps other than incandescent bulbs that consume four to five times more electricity than fluorescent bulbs and account for some 30 percent of all lighting in Japan.
So a switch to compact fluorescent bulbs, which use about a quarter of the energy of incandescent bulbs to generate the same amount of light, makes a difference.
While the Australian Government's move to phase out incandescent light bulbs in favour of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) by 2010 has been welcomed as an important initiative against global warming, concern has been raised that discarded fluorescent lights bring a new environmental problem--higher levels of poisonous mercury in landfill.
Stuart Schneider is the author of 18 books, counting this one, on collectibles (flashlights, cigarette lighters, ballpoint pens, Halloween costumes and many others just as unpredictable), and now he has produced a colorful, likable, informally written paperback volume for collectors of fluorescent minerals, with strong emphasis on fluorescent specimens from the Franklin-Sterling Hill mines and the Andover-area mines of northern New Jersey, where Schneider lives.
Stuart Schneider's THE WORLD OF FLUORESCENT MINERALS (0764325442, $29.
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