fluorescence microscopy

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light microscopy in which the specimen is irradiated at wavelengths that excite fluorochromes

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Fluorescence microscopy showed a glowing ring around the outside of the particles.
This makes them suitable for use in a variety of fluorescence instruments such as fluorescence microscopy, confocal laser-scanning microscopy and flow cytometry.
Simple method for reduction of autofluorescence in fluorescence microscopy.
The ParaLens Advance builds on the proven success of the ParaLens Microscope Attachment, which introduced the benefits of durable, easy-to-power LED fluorescence microscopy to thousands of labs around the world.
Nanoscopy and multidimensional optical fluorescence microscopy.
Developed in collaboration with the renowned imaging expert and online teaching pioneer Mike Davidson from Florida State University, the website is an independent resource providing information about the latest techniques in fluorescence microscopy.
Yet, as human capacity for discovery has zoomed to the nanoscale, fluorescence microscopy has struggled to keep up.
Agilent has agreed to acquire TILL Photonics GmbH, a provider of fluorescence microscopy products.
The toolbox supports QImaging and Hamamatsu cameras used in fields such as fluorescence microscopy and particle image velocimetry, as well as hardware from DALSA (formerly Coreco), Data Translation and Matrox Imaging.
Two-dimensional, confocal fluorescence microscopy images were collected through the use of an LSM 510 confocal laser scan microscope (Carl Zeiss) with a C-Apochromat 63 X/NA 1.
Fluorescence microscopy requires an intense light source at the specific wavelength that will excite fluorescent dyes and proteins.
Therefore the uptake of modified and non-modified liposomes into MOLT4 cells can be characterized by means of flow cytometry and spectral fluorescence microscopy (Spectra Cube).
The new filter sets include those for Quantum Dot, M-FISH, Kaede, Sedat, Zero Pixel Shift, and 3RD Millennium fluorescence microscopy instrumentation.
Fluorescence microscopy of cells labeled with antibodies directed towards alpha- and acetylated-tubulin revealed no observable change between irradiated (all doses) and control (0 kGy) trophozoites.
Previous work at the University of Washington yielded a fluorescence microscopy method for measuring the kappa number of a single fiber.
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