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light emitted during absorption of radiation of some other (invisible) wavelength

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Inhibition of the chloroplast photochemical reaction by treatment of wheat seedlings with low concentrations of cadmium: analysis of electron transport activities and changes in fluorescence yield.
The first step is the establishment of a linear fluorescence intensity scale for each fluorescence channel.
LED fluorescence microscopy has demonstrated increased sensitivity and speed in numerous research and clinical applications, including the detection of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria.
0], Fm, Fv, minimum, maximum and variable fluorescence levels; [J.
carapace and mesosoma) experienced a larger fluorescence reduction than the thicker regions (pedipalps, metasoma).
This work follows at least a decade of research building on the nearly 50-year history of fluorescence microscopy.
For all groups, after caries removal, final fluorescence values were obtained using the same protocol described previously.
This study evaluated the suitability of Quant-iT[TM] DNA and Quant-iT[TM] RNA dyes for estimating Artemia cellular nucleic acid levels, and in particular, reports on the effect common chemical reagents used in nucleic acid extraction may have on dye fluorescence.
We then developed a fluorescence fingerprint for substances found in river water, so that we could identify pollutants.
Peter Kevan of the University of Guelph in Ontario, who has studied bees' color perception, agrees that fluorescence would have only a weak effect on pollinators.
The DCF fluorescence intensity was determined by a FLUOStar OPTIMA (BMG LabTech, Offenburg, Germany).
In other words, EGFP [enhanced green fluorescent protein] fluorescence is a direct marker of Tat activity.
Omega Optical has released the 10th addition of its product catalog featuring its line of filter sets for fluorescence microscopy.
Fluorescence occurs when molecules struck by radiation of one wavelength become excited and emit radiation of a different wavelength.
This is most evident among bioinstrumentation techniques, where lasers can be utilized for fluorescence, ionization and manipulation.
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