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a yellow dye that is visible even when highly diluted

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5% and using the fluorescein strips 2%, IOP in both eyes was measured using gauged Goldmann applanation tonometer.
The TBUT test was performed using fluorescein strips (Fluorets strips by Chauvin Pharmaceuticals Ltd), which were introduced to the conjunctival sac with minimal stimulation.
Corneal abrasions can be visualized with fluorescein strips and a blue light.
In 2013 the clinical consensus panel issued advice on the use of fluorescein strips, following the withdrawal of Bausch & Lomb's fluorets from the market.
Discussions led to a single position from the sector on the use of fluorescein strips in practice, after they were withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer (2013)
Although there are other fluorescein strips on the market (Bioglo, Omnifluoro), Fluorets was the only product licensed as a medicine as required by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for diagnostic ophthalmic strips used in the UK.
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