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a yellow dye that is visible even when highly diluted

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In addition to the aforementioned filamentation, the 15 June fluorescein experiment showed fingerlike structures stretching westward relative to the main patch (Fig.
The findings showed that the vehicle had spread into the subungual space, with deposition of fluorescein seen wherever the vehicle had reached, including the nail bed.
Evaluation of common angling-induced sources of epithelial damage for popular freshwater sport fish using fluorescein.
After 24 hours of the initial procedures, which included the evaluation of the intraocular pressure (IOP), basal mean arterial pressure (MAP), ocular perfusion pressure (PPO), ultrasonography and fluorescein angiography, the treatment protocols were initiated with sildenafil or placebo.
Fluorescent, physiological and pharmacokinetic properties of fluorescein glucuronide.
The effects of the tested agents, salicylic acid, fluorescein and DMSO on the viability of Caco-2 cells were evaluated by MTT assay (Mosmann 1983).
Mohammad Reza Hormozinejad (assistant professor of Department of Chemistry) and his colleagues proposed a simple, highly sensitive, and selective method for the quantitative measurement of captopril in human blood plasma by using fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) modified with gold nanoparticles.
Radiography, thermography, and fluorescein angiography confirmed right wing injury and vascular compromise.
Since 561 nm excitation is well separated from fluorescein and GFP emission, there is virtually no crossover contamination in the green detection channel, allowing simultaneous fluorescein, or GFP detection, without blocking optics.
Recovery of blood flow in the occluded arteriole both in fundus examination and fluorescein angiography were noted.
They also cover the integration of OCT and fluorescein angiography and in the diagnosis and management of ocular tumors.
The OceanSENSE units can be configured to detect any combination of fluorescing materials, including fluorescein, rhodamine, hydrocarbons, hydraulic fluids (with certain added tracers) and chlorophyll.
This study aimed to establish early diagnosis of full-thickness necrosis by using fluorescein laparoscopy before perforation occurred.
Color-coded borders identify five categories of imaging: general, fluorescein angiogram, fundus autofluorescence, indocyanine green angiogram, and red free photograph.
The infants' eyes were examined with fluorescein dye and an ophthalmoscope.