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exhibit or undergo fluorescence

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Juveniles represented the smallest sample (one of three specimens of this age category exhibited fluorescence), and slightly more than half of the subadult specimens fluoresced.
Taylor fluoresced as though she were some ultraviolet daylily, her limbs reaching like willowy stamens toward the sun.
A second instrument, the pulse amplitude modulated fluorometer, measures how much light is fluoresced by algae cells, which allows researchers to estimate how healthy the algae are.
All the cancer in the mice became genetically-labeled with GFP and fluoresced brightly green after the GFP adenovirus was administered to the mice.
Masta and her colleagues found that hemolymph, the spider version of blood, fluoresced even in species that have no external fluorescent body parts.
Marked differences were found in the fluorescence of colonies producing the required blue halo versus colonies that fluoresced without the halo.
The system directs a narrow beam of x-ray energy into the film layers, which induces fluoresced x-rays that are unique to each of the elements within the layers and substrates.