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a form of apatite in which fluorine predominates over chlorine

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In addition,the description of SDF's application technique, "can be applied with a micro-brush", may have required additional clarification, for example, that the excavation of soft dentin is not needed because SDF will react with the tooth surface and create a layer of silver protein that resists bacterial acids and promotes the formation of hydroxyapatite and fluorapatite.
Standard microbiological procedures were carried to make the double dilution of the Fluorapatite coated Graft solution.
Tumanov, Solid solution formation at the sintering of hydroxyapatite fluorapatite ceramics.
Phosphate minerals on Earth, like fluorapatite and whitlockite, take their time to dissolve, they are also not readily incorporated into a water-based solution, which is why their concentration are relatively low.
The Mazidagi phosphate rock is mainly composed of calcite, fluorapatite, and carbonate-fluorapatite [3].
This was not the case of the composition of the toothpaste used in this study, but it is important to note that even though there are no specific reports on the possible influence of lauryl sulfate on the deposition of calcium and phosphate ions on the enamel surface layer, another interaction may occur in a similar way to the one that favored fluorapatite formation, inhibiting the protective remineralizing action pursued by using artificial saliva as a preserving agent during the pilot phase and as a way to imitate the normal conditions of the oral cavity in vivo.
Also in the flat were specimens of hemimorphite crystals on pale green, opaque fluorapatite, the latter pseudomorphically replacing tarbuttite, an unusual combination.
This study reports for the first time in vitro and in vivo properties of fluorapatite (FA)-forming calcium phosphate cements (CPCs).
Biomaterials commonly used in tissue engineering Biopolymers Natural Alginate Synthetic Poly(glycolic acid), Collagen Poly(lactic acid) Chitosan and their co-polymers Hyaluronic acid Poly([epsilon]-caprolactone) Poly Poly(dioxanone) (hydroxybutyrate) Polyethylene oxide /polybutylene teraphthalate co-polymers Poly(propylene Bioceramics fumarate) Hydroxyapatite and other types of calcium phosphate like fluorapatite or tricalcium phosphate Biphasic hydroxyapatite/ tricalcium phosphate ceramics Bioactive glass ceramics Tab.
2] and fluorapatite (Elrashidi and Lindsay 1986), the main F compounds present in SSP (Braithwaite 1987) and NCPR (Van Kauwenbergh 2003), respectively.
However, an intriguing task is to find out, whether any OH-containing carbonate fluorapatite variety characteristic of the Recent lingulate shells is preserved.
All P comes initially from sedimentary and, to a lesser extent, igneous rocks in the primary mineral apatite (calcium phosphate enriched) and its many forms, depending upon chemical inclusions such as fluoride (F) for fluorapatite (major component of phosphate rock [PR]) and hydroxide (OH) for hydroxyapatite (major component of P fertilizer end product) (Lindsay et al.