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a form of apatite in which fluorine predominates over chlorine

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Instead of having fluorapatite, Mars has chlorapatite, where chlorine takes place of the fluorine component; it also has a phosphate-bearing mineral called merrillite, not found on Earth.
Thus, fluorapatite (FA)-forming CPCs can be expected to have much lower resorbability than HA-forming CPCs.
3] solution is enough to dissolve all fluorapatite present in the sample while 20% HN[O.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Isfahan University of Technology solved the problem of high corrosion in magnesium alloys with applications in tissue engineering, using fluorapatite nanoparticles.
When Fluoride ions (F-) substitute the hydroxyl groups (OH-), hydroxyapatite is transformed to fluorapatite, which is more stable and resistant to acid attack.
Some thought that fluoride simply changed the main mineral in enamel, hydroxyapatite, into a more-decay resistant material called fluorapatite.
Leonardsen, Formation of Phosphate-containing Calcium Fluoride at the Expense of Enamel, Hydroxyapatite and Fluorapatite, Caries Res.
James, "Characterisation of High Fracture Toughness K-Fluorrichterite Fluorapatite Glass-Ceramics", J.
The incipient and higher-grade metamorphism is locally found in phosphoritic rocks only, where it is expressed by decarbonization of the original francolite into fluorapatite and recrystallization (Burg et al.
1992; Ekstrand 1997], where the degree of saturation with respect to fluorapatite could decrease the tooth net demineralization when plaque pH drops.
For biomedical purposes, the carbonated apatite and fluorapatite are the materials of interest because of assumed similarity to bony apatite and decreased solubility in aqueous solutions respectively.
Young, Comparison of synthetic and mineral fluorapatite, [Ca.
RPs from Egypt, Morocco, North Carolina, and Sechura contain francolite (carbonate apatite) as the major apatite mineral, while Queensland and Christmas Island A-ore contain fluorapatite.