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Synonyms for flunkey

a male servant (especially a footman)


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a person of unquestioning obedience

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His flunkeys in the media will not hesitate a moment to launch a smear campaign against the judges, and the new climate will pave the way for raising the pressure on new bans on social media.
A leader who sports a toothbrush moustache, he has perpetrated atrocities against his opponents, evicted White farmers from the lands they were farming and providing the economy funds and has grabbed their lands for himself and his flunkeys and pets.
A young Queen Victoria popped in to buy some shoes before she had royal flunkeys to do the shopping for her.
That's why it annoys me when jobs worths and civil service flunkeys go about trying to dampen down our childlike sense of anticipation.
Far be it from me to treat with disdain the arguments of a Government minister who sits in his ivory tower, surrounded by flunkeys protecting him from the real world, where he's got used to the idea that the population only needs to be told what to do, then "everything will be all right, won't it?
A professor of philosophy at the University of Bucharest and director of a successful Romanian publishing house, Liiceanu is also the author of such titles as The Tragic: A Phenomenology of the Limit and of the Limit Crossed, Appeal to Flunkeys, A Declaration of Love, and The Feud with Philosophy, and he has published translations from Plato, Aristotelian commentators, Heidegger, and Schelling.
Flunkeys and Scullions: Life Below Stairs in Georgian England.
All the flunkeys and assorted palace workers who drive to work will, of course, have to pay the full whack.
The ladies, knights and flunkeys of the Lammermoor entourage were realistically acted and tautly sung by Robert Holliston's well-drilled Pacific Opera Chorus.
That was the cue for screaming and hysterics from Mayoral flunkeys at the sight in the corner of the room of a large, lively mouse.
It would probably be cheaper if he was carried in a sedan chair by four flunkeys dressed in silk.
The 'Promise This' singer will be given a team of flunkeys if she takes her place alongside mentor Simon Cowell, 51, reports the Daily Star.
The Liberals are clearly somehow relishing their role as Clegg and Osborne's bad news flunkeys.
This is the best argument the government and its AKEL flunkeys have in responding to legitimate criticism and real concerns for the prospects of the economy.