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Synonyms for flump

fall heavily


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set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise

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The amendment canceled the Supreme Court ruling that had set aside Rs 11,218cr tax demand flumped on Vodafone by income-tax department for its acquisition of a majority stake in Hutch India in 2007.
I WAS riding a rush hour train the other morning, idly reading a biographical dictionary and wondering if St Vitus deserved a longer entry than Ned Ludd, when a young woman flumped onto the seat opposite with all the finesse of a slug plunging from a salad.
From Spector's cross, the substitute side-footed tamely at Foster from 15 yards but somehow Foster got his legs all skewed and as he went to ground and flumped his backside the ball trickled under his outstretched leg.
They'd found a bushy sort of thick-set evergreen, and simply flumped down and squatted on it.