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But I suppose the all-time winner for flummoxing personalization programs was my old colleague, publisher of Association Trends newsletter, who always styled himself as:
Flummoxing defences through a combination of pace and sleight of hand is what Smith does best, and even though his first start has come a bit earlier than he imagined after recovering from a serious groin injury, he does not intend standing back to anyone.
It was also elastic and accommodating enough to sustain different interpretations and the familiar flummoxing diversity when representatives from over thirty countries, from Austria to Venezuela, are invited to make some kind of grandiose arid definitive architectural statement.
Businessman of the Century runner-up Bill Gates is described as perhaps the shrewdest business strategist of the last quarter of the century: flummoxing much larger competitors like IBM, stealing a march on brilliant IT innovators like Apple and Netscape, and unlike most techno-entrepreneurs of his generation, using his skills as an imaginative manager to keep pace with his company's break-neck growth.