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New research from Aldata last week revealed that shoppers are increasingly flummoxed by where stores position their goodies.
Dickens had the Scot down twice in the first round as he flummoxed his opponent by thowing snappy shots from a variety of angles.
The snub left Lentol flummoxed, he said, especially after the parish asked him to continue his 25 years of donations.
Flummoxed Miliband had to score big on his first outing or the die would have been cast for the rest of his leadership.
Remedies (Putnam) is a compelling, gracefully written novel about a troubled marriage between a middle-aged Baltimore internist and a public relations specialist who are haunted by the death of their first child and flummoxed by the hostility of their second.
National Party leader Warren Truss, in particular, appears flummoxed by such novel IR concepts as penalty rates.
Everybody who is staying is getting a pounds 5,000 bonus - this has totally flummoxed the union to a certain extent.
None of us would be flummoxed by seeing the word 'Heddlu' on all Welsh police vehicles.
Yet Previn, intelligent and accomplished and creative, was totally flummoxed by this simple example.
NICKY HENDERSON was left flummoxed after Khyber Kim tarnished his reputation in the Rossington Main Novices' Hurdle at Doncaster yesterday.
Farmer Brown travelled well enough but tamely faded into fifth behind Al Eile to leave connections flummoxed.
If you're a bit flummoxed by computer lingo and need a good site to reference, try whatis.
But if the next scene involved a hit man mowing down a restaurant full of people, we were flummoxed.
Six sets down in the first-to-seven-sets world darts championship final, he looked flummoxed by his loss of form and bewildered about where he might find it.
IF YOU come over all nervous at the sight of a wine waiter or feel flummoxed when trying to buy a bottle of plonk at the supermarket, a new guide could help you feel more confident.