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From the mechanics of motion to nuclear energy, students study principles that would flummox some college grads.
His tally came mainly from beyond the arc as he hit six-of-11 three-pointers to completely flummox the Leopards, who had a much stronger squad to choose from.
Here's a question that could even flummox the brain of Stephen Fry.
I honestly can't remember the last time I heard the word flummox.
Having made some of cinema's most challenging movies with the likes of Irreversible and I Stand Alone, shock director Gaspar No returns to flummox once again with this hallucinogenic headtrip that feels like a cross between The Lovely Bones and Requiem For A Dream.
Adrian Clark hammered a shot against a Plymouth defender and the ball took a wicked deflection to totally flummox keeper Jon Sheffield.
Mark Johnston, whose powerful string has been laid low with a potassium deficiency during the opening months of the season, served notice that he is back in business when completing a double with Flummox and Elsie Bamford at Warwick on Saturday night, to follow up his big win at Haydock earlier in the day with Atlantic Rhapsody, writes Neil Morrice.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - The question would flummox most college graduates: What are the fundamental laws of thermodynamics?
I'll stay to watch High Topper, who looks to have more on his plate in the maiden than he did when second at Musselburgh last month, before rushing to Warwick to see Awake's half-brother Flummox.