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a bland custard or pudding especially of oatmeal

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meaningless ceremonies and flattery

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of ew They looked intimidating - an irregular navy-clad militia with overlong kilts and the flummery of glengarries, feathers and flags.
This film is so stuffed with extraneous faff and flummery that it often barely feels like Tolkien at all - more a dire, fan-written internet tribute," he wrote.
Sorry boys and girls, in the real, big bad world, fawning media reviews, PR flummery and London-centric advertising make-believe do not trump real product development, sustained investment, and general, slogging hard work on the fundamentals.
Some have railed against the flummery, remoteness of the royals from the general population and expense to the economy, in contrast to what is for many the grim reality of cuts, recession and unemployment with which ordinary folk have to contend on a daily basis.
The attraction of IPO's and other financial flummery is on the rise.
There will be no gun carriages, flummery or excessive grieving for the Duke of Edinburgh.
These were the great successes of New Nationalism and the grounds on which it should be judged, not the flummery of forgotten Australia days, embarrassing exhibitions and awful national songs.
Jones] would greet today's Steven Spielberg-Tom Hanks-Tom Brokaw-Greatest Generation flummery first with embarrassment and then with one of his famous rages.
And one cannot but applaud his passionate desire to excoriate any evidence of corporate flummery.
He portrayed himself as an individualistic local MP, deeply critical of parliamentary flummery and opposed to the whip system, but accepted appointment as the then Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpes chief whip in 1975.
It's almost a whole week of pleasure, shorn of the flummery and pressure of Royal Ascot, but yet more of an occasion than those three days on the Knavesmire next month.
She bought herbs, wafers two separate times, tea, candied or dried lemon peel, sweetmeats, a "chis cake and p[e]ars," peaches, apples, preserved nutmegs, seed cake, flummery (a sweet milk porridge) on three occasions, and most suggestively of all, about triple her usual consumption of sugar--purchasing "2 pound of dubel refine shuger," on one day, and "Shuger .