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a narrow gorge with a stream running through it


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watercourse that consists of an open artificial chute filled with water for power or for carrying logs

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Marmot Dam on the Sandy River, Little Sandy Dam on the Little Sandy River, and the related canals and flumes will end their 90-year life as a hydroelectric project.
Each Waterworld has its own selection of fantastic rides and flumes to make it unique.
Plasti-Fab is a leader in providing fiberglass-reinforced flumes and metering stations to the water and wastewater industries.
One of the most enduring images of this place is probably of Princess Diana, in her happiest days, taking Princes William and Harry on the log flumes.
Erupting geysers spewing billowing flumes of white steam greet the boat's arrival into Stegosaur Pond.
Aquasplash, Southcoast World's sub-tropical waterworld, offers everything you could wish for in water entertainment, including two colourful and spectacular interactive flumes.
Seals in flumes cannot be compromised, ie individual flume sections cannot be split/unbolted to extract steel saddle plate fins for replacement.
A spokesman for the firm said: "We can confirm a customer reported to lifeguards there were faeces on the floor next to the bottom of one of our flumes.
Flumes would be the most basic device for measuring collection system flows.
Flumes have steep, slippery sides and icy cold water.
Sebastian Smith will spend this summer sliding down chutes and flumes all over the world as a [pounds sterling]20,000-a-year water slide tester.
1) The flumes are populated with rocks, sediment, biota, and more than 3,000 gallons of water from the Huron River.
There is a 25 metre pool with wave machine and flumes, a learner pool and a spa pool.
After 30 to 40 days of plant (Pistia sagittata) establishment, the planted flumes achieved average removal rates of 80.