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a narrow gorge with a stream running through it


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watercourse that consists of an open artificial chute filled with water for power or for carrying logs

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Product Sub-Category : Hydraulic flume with accessories
Yesterday saw bidding reach its climax for 39 log flume lots on eBay, with buyers having the chance to buy one of 30 individual boats, the ride's former height board and signage saying "no splashing please".
Work on the troublesome roof of the site is nearly complete, the new flume tower has reached its full height and a large amount of fittings in reception, the changing rooms and restaurant have been installed.
It's the main attraction and we're hoping the flume will be on a par with that.
We are using the Apache Flume it provide a ingestion mechanism for collecting aggregating and transporting large amounts of streaming data such as log data, events from various webservers/sources to a centralized data store.
The attraction is just rounding up its first summer season with the iconic log flume back open for business after years of absence, having reopened to the public in April last year.
But with the National Lido of Wales reopening for spring today - and attractions such as Barry Island's famous log flume continuing to draw the crowds - tourist bosses will hope the weather doesn't put a dampener on people's weekends.
DO you remember the day Princess Diana went on the log flume at Alton Towers?
Flume, next up in our trip hop vibes Flume is Harley Edward Streten, Australian dude now aged 24.
The 2015 Main Canal Flume Replacement and Other Canal Improvements Project was the most recent phase toward the overall modernization and improvement plan.
At Oasis Centre, the Play Zone has been expanded and two new rides have also been introduced: Log Flume, an Arctic-themed kiddie flume ride that has six seal-shaped mobiles that slide along a 40-metre fibreglass; and an all-new Taga J, a rotating platform with an interactive inflatable that will make the riders spin, bounce, rock and jump.
6] studied on the time development of local scour at a spur dike in a 180 degree flume bend.
Linda Macleod will never forget the family's holiday to Australia to celebrate her 50th birthday - after getting stuck in a log flume because of her weight.
It was a big steel box that we put in the end of one of our flumes, and it had to come out again when we needed the flume for commercial work.
GreyStone highlighted the Unibody Fine Material Washing Screw and a portable dewatering screen with an Aggre-Dry style flume at ConExpo-Con/Agg.