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a narrow gorge with a stream running through it


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watercourse that consists of an open artificial chute filled with water for power or for carrying logs

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The flume will be part of a number of new additions to the park, which will include the building of a "giant" Ferris wheel, of which Mr Danter said "you will be able to see Westonsuper-Mare from its peak".
The flume is unique in capacity and its ability to test larger scale articles and provide higher fidelity results," stated Cees van Leeuwen, Director Real Estate and Construction for Deltares.
There was no indication this had originated from inside the flume and faeces were not found in the pool itself.
Slide the City bills itself as the 'biggest water party of the summe',' where people can slip and slide their way down a giant flume to live music.
All of the experiments were conducted in a flume located at hydraulic laboratory of Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz.
Linda Macleod will never forget the family's holiday to Australia to celebrate her 50th birthday - after getting stuck in a log flume because of her weight.
Flumes are designed to convert level to flow; as the level increases in the flume, it indicates a corresponding increase in flow rate.
Check out the Master Blaster rollercoaster, Flow Rider (a surfing machine - not the American rapper), Pirate Ship, Dark Hole Flume and Green Giant Flume as well as the wave pool, lazy river and bubble pool.
GreyStone highlighted the Unibody Fine Material Washing Screw and a portable dewatering screen with an Aggre-Dry style flume at ConExpo-Con/Agg.
FOR a massive splash this summer, head to Twinlakes Family Theme Park and the 22ft drop Dragonfall Log Flume and Susansoo Splash Play.
The highly awaited Flume and Lorde collaboration has been released, and fans of the Australian DJ and Kiwi songstress responded favourably.
Australian-born Liza Flume, above, settled in Ireland a little over a year ago, and has quickly been making waves with her charmingly off-kilter acoustic pop.
MESS about in the water on one of the log-flume rides in the park, such as the Silver Flume Ride in the Far West area.
There have always been plenty of other reasons for people to visit Franconia Notch, whether for skiing Cannon or riding its aerial tramway, hiking the Lafayette range or enjoying the natural beauty of the basin or the Flume Gorge.
One is at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, which specializes in real-time multi-directional testing for earthquake simulation of large-scale structural systems, and the other is a wave flume longer than a football field at the Tsunami Research Facility at Oregon State University.