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Synonyms for fluidness

the property of flowing easily

a changeable quality

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Earlier studies, involving people in physical relationships, indicate decision/commitment as the preponderant element in the relationship (Cassepp-Borges & Teodoro, 2007; Karwowski-Marques, 2008; Monego & Teodoro, 2011) and an essential component of a long-lasting relationship, going against the fluidness of relationships.
Notice that if p = 0 the problem decreases to the pure fluidness case.
Based largely on documents mined in fifteen central and provincial archives in Greece and Bulgaria, this book represents a significant contribution to the field of nationalism studies by vividly highlighting the fluidness and ambiguity of nationness.
The fluidness could be seen in last week's outcomes.
Was Hemingway documenting the fluidness of socially constructed gender roles?
Such is Newcastle's fluidness defenders and deep-lying midfielders want to dwell on the ball in dangerous situations and, instead of a round of applause for cleverness, are punished.
Last season's 21-1-2 success story was based on a combination of fluidness, experience and a solid work ethic from athletes who understood each other's tendencies and knew where everyone else was on the ice.
There's been no fluid fluidness about Liverpool's play" - JASON McATEER