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Synonyms for fluidity

ready skill in expression

Synonyms for fluidity

the property of flowing easily

a changeable quality

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Now Fluidity is hoping to secure funding to boost the sport's profile.
Looking gorgeous in full 1080p, the DualShock 4 control with its central touchpad area is a perfect fit, letting you juggle multiple hotbars and abilities while enjoying fluidity of character control.
Khalil, professor at the Universite de Sherbrooke and principal investigator of the study, said that the membrane fluidity, which refers to the viscosity of the lipid bi-layer of a cell membrane, is a marker of the cell function.
Chapter two discusses divine fluidity in ancient Israel.
It appears that alterations in the membrane fluidity of the acid-tolerant strains might confer cross-resistance to other stresses.
From the pre-eminent role of sexual fluidity in female sexuality, Diamond moves on to the important question of free-floating sexual attraction, which is not gender-specific.
Improvements in fluidity were achieved, and industrial trials showed the alloy could be used to produce quality thin section parts.
4), (5) The time-integrated paint fluidity is equal to:
Moyes also believes that the fluidity he has at his disposal in midfield is also a key factor to Everton's upturn.
Transform your body into a long, lean bikini-ready machine with Fluidity Fitness, an at-home workout for women of all ages and fitness levels.
Three years ago at the School of American Ballet's spring workshop, she had such a lovely naturalness and fluidity that I singled her out of tire crowd.
Elements of the outback homestead--the sunroom, the breezeway and the sleep-out--are re-organised into an abstract verandah which shelters and protects the occupants while enhancing the fluidity of the loosely defined spaces.
FRITZ KLEIN, 73, the pioneering bisexuality researcher who in 1978 published the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid measuring sexual fluidity, of a heart attack he suffered at home in San Diego, May 24.
Chapter 3 discusses the interplay of fixity and fluidity in the AP's narrative trajectory.
Grupper is an excellent narrator, easily taking on Haller's gritty persona and all the other characters, male and female, high and low, with such fluidity that there's scarcely a missed beat.