fluid ounce

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Synonyms for fluid ounce

a British imperial unit of capacity or volume (liquid or dry) equal to 8 fluid drams or 28

a United States unit of capacity or volume equal to 1

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The new IDC packaging technology offers consumers an ergonomic, easy-to-carry, disposable, beverage carafe that safely transports and dispenses 96 fluid ounces of either a hot or cold beverage.
MiO ENERGY is a recent extension of MiO, but with an energy and B-vitamin benefit with 60 mg caffeine per 8 fluid ounce serving - about the same amount of caffeine as a 6 oz.
In just three easy steps - cut, pour, add water - consumers can refill a clean, single 26 fluid ounce Windex bottle with cleaner.
The alcohol facts panel will include information on container size, percentage alcohol by volume, number of servings in the container, and serving size in fluid ounces.
5 fluid ounces and Ultimate Hydration for $22 for 6.
I'm not sure how you'd officially measure sweatiness - in fluid ounces, perhaps - but there'll be as much perspiration as inspiration from tonight's arrow-slingers.
A key feature is the coupler, which minimizes chemical spill from gallons to a couple of fluid ounces.
When you buy a gallon of gasoline at the service station, you expect to receive 128 fluid ounces of fuel - no more, no less.
They defined "a drink" as 12 fluid ounces of beer, four fluid ounces of wine or 1.
8 g of protein in 8 fluid ounces of skim chocolate milk.
Groups representing consumers have weighed in, too, asking for a label that expresses alcohol content by volume and in fluid ounces by serving.
Labels on wine, distilled spirits and malt beverages would carry information on calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and fluid ounces of ethyl alcohol under a proposal from the U.
The liquid fiber dietary supplement comes in two different sized bottles: 8 fluid ounces and 15 fluid ounces.
The puncture-resistant pouch can hold up to 28 fluid ounces.
5 fluid ounces, an innovative Rectangular shape, coordinated his and hers Companion tubes are only a few of the new products launched by Berry-Tubed products this year.