fluid drive

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an automotive power coupling

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The result is a machine that operates like an all-electric, using a fluid drive train system, says Sandretto, and the cost of the system is below that of a conventional all-electric machine.
The application of the clutch locks the turbine to the pump, causing all power transmission to be mechanical, thus eliminating losses associated with fluid drive.
purchased the 7600 Fluid Drive project from Argue Investments 03-1 Ltd.
The ignition and injection are controlled by the new engine management system to provide as low fuel consumption as possible, attaining a higher level of torque at lower revs and a more fluid drive.
THE stylish option, with decent space inside and a fluid drive.
The immense power and towing capabilities coupled with the available all-wheel drive system makes sure residents will have a fluid drive, and the maximum 63.
Missile control and guidance, fluid drive, industrial process control, power drag, firepower control system, ship navigation, and other non-linear mechatronic systems also increasingly depend on adaptive control technology.