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a brass instrument resembling a cornet but with a wider bore

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Aided and abetted by the occasional brass section and the talented JF Abraham on bass, keyboards, percussion and the previously mentioned flugelhorn, plus Mr B in charge of the equally impressive visuals of a mostly bygone age, the evening had a creaky fifties feel.
Fowler also blows the mellower flugelhorn, so his range is impressively broad.
I like to play concertos on "original" [historical] trumpets, and I'm always looking for other challenges like violin and oboe concertos, for which I would use a piccolo trumpet or a flugelhorn.
2011 - Though established only in 2005, the site claimed to be celebrating its 100th anniversary with a 1911 button and it show several sepia-toned silent videos that were common in the early 1990s, including Flugelhorn Feline which is a parody of Keyboard Cat.
This is a merry band of wandering troubadours, and here that means a traditional brass band which forms not simply a musical backdrop but a moral one too, the voices of the honest townsfolk piping up on cornet and flugelhorn.
Mr Lippeatt plays flugelhorn with Hatfield Colliery Band, based in South Yorkshire, and was taking part in the contest with the band.
The pristine recording includes the playing by group of Rick('s) (Starmer's) “friends” that include, Jamie Yaman on Saxophone, Bob Mcmhan plays the trumpet and flugelhorn, Sonny (Harold) Norton on that “Doghouse Bass” with Dave Alexander on drums and Mark Subin play the percussion on this wonderful live performance:
Including a wonderful brass section to beef up a traditional acoustic core, Bellowhead features a stunning array of instruments; from fiddles and concertinas to frying pans, bouzoukis and banjos to flugelhorn and tuba and oboes to wind-up toys, not to mention fine vocals.
An all-star cast of sidemen, which includes saxophonist Joe Lovano, trombonist Jay Ashby, and Randy Brecker on flugelhorn, provides restrained but solidly swinging support.
Well, my wife plays the flugelhorn and my father-in-law and sister-in-law both play the cornet too, so there's quite a few of us
Markus plays the flugelhorn, the silver trumpet and the piccolo trumpet; Tara the clarinet, bass clarinet and the basset horn.
On several cuts, the band's sound is augmented by the contributions of Wayne Bergeron on trumpet, Valerie Ponomarev on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Isaac Smith on trombone.
When author and renowned flugelhorn soloist Richard Sudhalter set out in 2000 to write a book about jazz legend Hoagy Carmichael, he hit the Internet for archived recordings and came upon an unlikely source: Indiana University.
But after going on a diet, he shed 7st 7lb and achieved his greatest ambition to play a solo on an 18-inch flugelhorn.
For their critically-acclaimed album Deserter's Songs featured everything from a bowed saw to a flugelhorn.