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Synonyms for fluff


mess up


Synonyms for fluff

a minor mistake

Synonyms for fluff

any light downy material

Related Words

something of little value or significance

a blunder (especially an actor's forgetting the lines)

erect or fluff up

ruffle (one's hair) by combing the ends towards the scalp, for a full effect


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It didn't all go to plan for The Fluffs as Carrier Bag raced into a commanding four goal lead.
Carrier Bag took the four goal lead into half-time leaving The Fluffs in need of some TLC or perhaps hair-dryer treatment from their coach.
Chloe Hennegan has rehomed more than 550 rabbits since setting up Fat Fluffs three years ago.
Fat Fluffs relies entirely on charitable donations and while trustees hold fundraising activities throughout the year Sally says it's not enough to settle the hefty vet bills it often faces given the poor health of many of the rabbits placed under its care.
You can carefully trim the outside edges of the fluffs until it is nicely round in shape.
Add a layer of glue to the center area of the fluff covered disc (Photo G) and let it get tacky, then firmly press the two together.
SPOT SICK: John Hartson fluffs his last-minute effort in the Old Firm CIS Cup Final to the delight of Lorenzo Amoruso
Approximately 20 fluffs per ball (depending on the quality of the marabou)
The council said Fat Fluffs not only allowed Chloe to do something she found rewarding, but also put her in a position to educate people about the responsibility involved in homing a rabbit.
Various kinds of hairties are now used that are made of plumes or fluffs that wave in the wind as they dance.
Simulate these eagle hair plumes by combing some turkey fluffs to build up a large plume on a heavier feather quill.