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Synonyms for fluff


mess up


Synonyms for fluff

a minor mistake

Synonyms for fluff

any light downy material

Related Words

something of little value or significance

a blunder (especially an actor's forgetting the lines)

erect or fluff up

ruffle (one's hair) by combing the ends towards the scalp, for a full effect


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It didn't all go to plan for The Fluffs as Carrier Bag raced into a commanding four goal lead.
Carrier Bag took the four goal lead into half-time leaving The Fluffs in need of some TLC or perhaps hair-dryer treatment from their coach.
Thus, wool thinning is reached by the average drop in thinness of both fluffs and guard fibers from 22.
As a result of a small tenacity and bad capture of card fillet, the awn at blow is easily separated from a great bulk of fluffs.
The Fat Fluffs rabbit sanctuary in Solihull has been overrun with 50 of the pets unwanted by their owners.
Chloe Hennegan has rehomed more than 550 rabbits since setting up Fat Fluffs three years ago.
Using fluffs (plumes) for this row, trim them from the bottom to about 2 1/2 inches in length.
FERG-ETTABLE: Barry Ferguson fluffs his second penalty of the match at Dens on Sunday as leaders Rangers are held
Stood around under the lights in a suit of armour, sweating your b***s off while Mad Max star Mel Gibson fluffs his lines.
The style of the colored trim feathers varies by dancer; some dancers use hackles and marabou that are whip stitched to the tip of the pheasant feather, some people simply whip stitch the fluffs to the tip of the pheasant tail feather.
Chloe Hennegan, aged 32, used the council's expertise to set up a rabbit rescue outfit called Fat Fluffs.
Various kinds of hairties are now used that are made of plumes or fluffs that wave in the wind as they dance.
Simulate these eagle hair plumes by combing some turkey fluffs to build up a large plume on a heavier feather quill.