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a light softness

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The subject was given as "Formula for the Perfect Curry", which interested me even before I arrived at the subject of fluffiness, but read on and you will soon see where the fluff came in.
Honey is best suited for heavier items like quick breads or cookies than for something like a frosting that requires dry sugar to achieve a fluffiness with a butter, she says.
I didn't want any fluffiness - it was important to me that I knew all about secondary breast cancer and what the symptoms of it would be.
Fluffiness and mawkish sentimentality, which are staples of the genre, are absent from writer and director Stephen Chbosky's film.
Putting a spin on Spinach Artichoke Dip, Friendship has lightened this staple for any large gathering by using cottage cheese, giving it fluffiness and full flavor without the fat.
We imagine at least half the population has direct experience with the properties of ponytails, and we all have likely wondered about the fluffiness of hair.
Move back to the horseshoe section we clipped away earlier, back comb the whole section especially at the root, then arrange into a rough quiff and secure with grips making sure you keep some of the fluffiness in the texture.
For a split second, I see their little red eyes, their fluffiness of feather, their strong beaks brushing against my fingers.
I was commended by the manager on my choice of a triple hit of salads (Dh50) to get the appetite going -- mustard-laced black mushroom, sesame cucumber and celery sticks were a good foil to the deep-fried deliciousness of the shrimp dumplings (Dh30) and the sweet fluffiness of the BBQ chicken buns.
COMING to a cinema near you some time next year, Dream Alliance, the racing movie where there was no need to indulge in the fluffiness of fiction.
Dan Foster, Birmingham TO bring back the fluffiness of bed pillows put them in the clothes dryer.
I am not saying we take the fluffiness away from the city, but we have got to portray ourselves as a business-friendly city.
It has the warmth and fluffiness of a cashmere cardigan.
With the Iraq war, nuclear threat from Iran and global warming," explained Howard Stern's best friend, "Katie's fluffiness will be a welcome distraction from the legitimate news.