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Synonyms for fluffy

Synonyms for fluffy

like down or as soft as down

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The batter was crispy without being overly fried and thus greasy, and it encased the lightest, whitest, fluffiest of fish.
He's just emerged from his sauna, 5ft 5in of undeteriorated athlete in the world's fluffiest white towel, and now he's dressed in warm designer knitwear, at ease on a soft leather seat at a big, convivial table with a small cup of dark, dark coffee.
I can wax lyrical about the crust of a tart or the texture of a mousse but instead will advise you to try Laboureux's eclair: neither soggy nor too crisp, the coffee eclair was stuffed with the fluffiest custard imaginable.
In Chennai in Tamil Nadu, there's a little chain called the Murugan Idli Shop and it serves the softest, fluffiest and tastiest idlis, vadas and dosas along with some monstrously good chutneys.
1 For the freshest, fluffiest pancakes and waffles, prepare batters just before cooking.
Another year we had a dreamy home-raised turkey and the most immaculate giblet gravy over the fluffiest of fluffy mashed potatoes with family and friends way out in humble Disston.
She was a rabbit called Dandelion Mary, and she was the fluffiest thing I had ever felt.
Whether you need something that is lightweight and barely there for hot summer evenings, or the warmest and fluffiest goose down on the planet for those cold and snowy winter nights, Plumeria Bay has got you covered-and its products carry the Confidence In Textiles certification for being ecologically safe and healthful.
Zellweger's at her innocuously fluffiest (I guess you have to be if kiddies aren't going to ask about Vanessa and Barry playing the birds and, the, er bees) while John Goodman is more animated than the CGI as the slippery honey industry lawyer and Sting and Ray Liotta turn up in a brace of excruciatingly unamusing cameos that are as likely to leave the six year olds as nonplussed as the appearance of an apian Larry King.
COVENTRY'S big Christmas lights switch-on is set to be the pinkest and fluffiest ever.
My beef stroganoff, with the fluffiest, tastiest rice I've ever had, was absolutely delicious and I could have eaten twice as much.
The pets were entered in a number of fun classes, including fluffiest pet, unusual pet, talented pet, lookalike and funny face pet.
The Dutch set it up, those ingenious and enterprising people, and it is here that all the paycheques, after they have been cashed, are taken, hundreds of tons every day, and they are processed into a few precious ounces of the whitest, purest, and fluffiest tissue paper known to mankind.