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Synonyms for fluffy

Synonyms for fluffy

like down or as soft as down

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Although the party operates at the fluffier end of the political spectrum, it has still enjoyed a number of notable successes, having championed all-day opening of pubs, commercial radio and passports for pets.
She said her salon towels were fluffier, the hairspray came off everything quickly and easily, and her leatherette chairs looked like new again.
England will feel stronger for having to answer a few questions and Tim Bresnan, who does not much look like a lucky mascot, which tend to be cuddlier and fluffier, now has 12 Test wins in 12.
We are confident that the unity of both companies and the synergies created will fluffier enhance our product and service offerings and help our customers drive growth in this region.
The Swiffer Dry cloths are also thicker and fluffier than before to trap and lock dirt and dust.
And each bedroom already has the new 'Revive' bedding package from Marriott which includes designer duvets, fluffier pillows, 300-thread-count linens and ultra- thick mattresses with plush toppers.
Besides an ode to the animal kingdom, the project was a chance for the Seoul-based designer to try out fluffier fabrications.
He said: "It was the amount of snow, which was higher than we experienced before, it was lighter than normal, fluffier, and the temperature inside the tunnel and the humidity was higher than normal.
95) was fluffier, though still didn't have that cloud-like consistency I was after.
Each bedroom already has the new AoReviveAo bedding package from Marriott that features designer duvets, fluffier pillows, 300 thread count linens and ultra thick mattresses with plush toppers.
Tesco's (***) looked end tested similar, but its texture was slightly fluffier and it did not pull apart so easily.
Next year is going to be much fluffier, but in a naturalistic way," he says.
Of course, if your soil has been softened over the years with compost and other soil amendments, it will be naturally fluffier and dry out quicker than if it has never been improved.
Winter does provide Harley some help, because the colder it gets, the fluffier he gets - about four times his summer silhouette - with a great leonine ruff and a nice bushy tail.
The last couple of days when I've been practising (last week) it's been a bit lower and the balls get much fluffier and heavier and it slows the court down a little bit as well," he explained.