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Synonyms for fluff


mess up


Synonyms for fluff

a minor mistake

Synonyms for fluff

any light downy material

Related Words

something of little value or significance

a blunder (especially an actor's forgetting the lines)

erect or fluff up

ruffle (one's hair) by combing the ends towards the scalp, for a full effect


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The fluff metering hopper, which also is continuously agitated, uses the weight-loss principle to meter ground scrap in correct proportion to the refeed machine.
Being caddie to a major winner was the thrill of a lifetime for Fluff.
International Paper is set to build on its proven track record of success in the fluff pulp market.
We feel Fluff will suit a family home with children eight years and over.
The fluff pulp conversion project at the Ashdown mill is an important step in advancing our strategy to generate $300 [million] to $500 million of EMT DA from growth businesses," CEO John D.
One bite of a Fluff sandwich, and I knew the world was a bigger place than my home in the woods in Templeton.
Serenity Strainer is perfect until the day she comes across a belly button fluff monster.
Maybe encouraging your daughter to help you hoover up fluff with a toy vacuum cleaner or toy brush and pan, might make her less afraid of it.
For the first time, I was left with a handful of what looked and felt like dandelion fluff every time I ran my fingers through her coat.
State officials say they are concerned that residue from heavy metals in the fluff could seep from landfills into groundwater, while airborne metal-laden particles could endanger workers at recycling plants and dumps and people living near such facilities.
The Adventures of Fluff the Bunny is a very simple and easy story.
Byline: After more than half a century in Hollywood, Jane Fonda refuses to wallow in typical celebrity fluff.
As it dries, firmly press the fluff bases down onto the disc.
He suffers from the rare disorder Pica and can't stop eating carpet fluff, cuddly toys, soil, dirt, and soft furnishings.