fluent aphasia

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aphasia characterized by fluent but meaningless speech and severe impairment of the ability understand spoken or written words

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On the language rehabilitation of aphasia, the fluent aphasia treatment should focus on semantics and the nonfluent aphasia treatment should be focused on phonology.
The book contains eight chapters and is basically divided into four parts: a description of fluent aphasia, assessment, theoretical aspects of fluent aphasia compared with nonfluent aphasia, and a case presentation.
Acoustico-agnostic aphasia or fluent aphasia is essentially equivalent to Wernicke's sensory aphasia.
Semantic sementia -- progressive fluent aphasia with temporal lobe atrophy.
Fluent aphasia is marked by problems understanding language.
Receptive aphasia (also called sensory aphasia, fluent aphasia, and Wernicke's aphasia) involves difficulty understanding spoken or written language.
Semantic feature analysis treatment for anomia in two fluent aphasia syndromes.
This study used linear regression to define the relationship between pragmatic performance and functional communication by 27 individuals with aphasia, including 14 with fluent aphasia and 13 with non-fluent aphasia.
One example of this is to incorporate appropriate and certified animals into speech-language therapy sessions for people with traumatic brain injury or fluent aphasia following stroke.
Comprehension of indirect requests by persons with fluent aphasia.