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Synonyms for fluent

Synonyms for fluent

marked by facility, especially of expression

Synonyms for fluent

smooth and unconstrained in movement

Related Words

expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively

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Gwynedd and Anglesey boast some of the largest concentrations of Welsh speakers in Wales but the number of fluent users has plummeted in both areas.
The Welsh Language Use Survey for 2013/2015 shows that the number of people in Wales who consider themselves fluent has risen from 317,000 in 2005 to 319,000 over the last ten years.
st]-party data, and real-time survey interaction with consumers, Fluent has helped more than 500 leading brands and direct marketers acquire millions of customers and advocates since its inception.
The Fluent laboratory automation solutions is being launched with 3 instruments to complement the leading Freedom EVO product family and extend the product portfolio.
She has now returned and relaunched Fluent Futures.
One method of increasing fluent responding is to make rewards contingent on rapid responding.
As the author is very careful to define even basic concepts in aphasia, the monograph could be used as a textbook, providing students or medical staff with a general introduction to fluent aphasia, its assessment, and issues pertaining to its underlying causes.
The Welsh Language Board published a report on its 2004 Welsh Language Use Survey, which showed that 62% of those who speak Welsh and 88% of fluent speakers said they spoke Welsh daily.
The alternative is to take advantage of something like the FSI capability from Abaqus and Fluent, which lets users take a multi-vendor, so-called best-of-breed software approach to solving complex structural-and-fluid-flow phenomena.
CalCPA is looking for bilingual CPAs, especially those fluent in Spanish, who are willing to take part in news media interviews on various topics related to the accounting profession and business in California.
Linux Networx and Fluent formed a strategic partnership to design the pre-integrated cluster system, offering customers a significant decrease in CFD simulation time.
But it is often said that Japanese don't trust foreigners who are extremely fluent in Japanese.
New enhancements help simplify and automate much of the user's work while further extending the software's capabilities, says Fluent.
Fluent software is used for simulation, visualization, and prediction of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, and chemical reactions, and is typically used in a multiprocessor or clustered computing environment.
A world leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, Fluent Inc.