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a brass instrument resembling a cornet but with a wider bore


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Capitol recording artist Dave Koz, who set the all-time NAC Smooth Jazz chart record this month in R&R (Radio & Records) when he logged the fifth consecutive top 10 hit single from his best-selling album "The Dance," has just put the finishing touches on his next album, "Dave Koz & Friends A Smooth Jazz Christmas," featuring special guest appearances by singers Brenda Russell and Kenny Loggins, David Benoit on piano, Rick Braun on trumpet and fluegelhorn, and Peter White on acoustic guitar.
With even Castro-Neves' classical guitar mostly fading into the background, the music is a bit anonymous, excepting the fine vibes and marimba work of Dave Samuels and the fluegelhorn solos of Diego Urcola.
Unusually, Chet chooses a tenor saxophonist to share the frontline, under-rated Phil Urso, who provides a warm counter balance to Baker's cool fluegelhorn.
Featured will be Grant's arrangements for fluegelhorn, piano and string quartet of four spirituals and the Bill Lee composition "Little Jimmy Fiddler.
Evocative score of folky musical musings features acoustic guitar, cello, trumpet and fluegelhorn from David Buchbinder, the helmer's younger brother.
Performers will include Smith (trumpet, fluegelhorn, mbira, nokhan, flute, voice); CalArts alumni Harris Eisenstadt (drums, percussion); Ronit Kirchman (violin, voice); Motoko Honda (piano); Fawntice McCain (flute); and David Philipson (bansuri).
John Parricelli's Indigo opens with his electric guitar harmonics on a loop, his guitar synth shimmering beneath, and Sulzmann's soprano and Wheeler's fluegelhorn singing over the top.