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a brass instrument resembling a cornet but with a wider bore


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With even Castro-Neves' classical guitar mostly fading into the background, the music is a bit anonymous, excepting the fine vibes and marimba work of Dave Samuels and the fluegelhorn solos of Diego Urcola.
The band - which features Brooks Barnett on trumpet and fluegelhorn, Joe Manis on tenor sax and bass clarinet, Michael Waissman on acoustic bass, Jordan Glenn on drums and Dustin Lanker on keyboards - describes its shiny sound as "lounge-core-avant-funk.
He played a trumpet and a fluegelhorn simultaneously.
The opening title track brings the warm intimacy and fast vibrato of this veteran singer compellingly to the fore, his own quiet piano and the fluegelhorn of John Sneider punctuating the verses.
Higgins was also friends with the late Farmer, an imaginative fluegelhorn and trumpet player who recorded with Horace Silver, Gerry Mulligan and many more.
This reissue from Verve's ``Master Edition'' series features Peterson's second great trio (bassist Ray Brown and drummer Ed Thigpen) along with Clark Terry on trumpet and fluegelhorn.