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organ pipe whose tone is produced by air passing across the sharp edge of a fissure or lip

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Market for service and maintenance of individual heating, air conditioning, flue pipes, vent.
Contract notice: Maintenance contract (p2 + p3) by individual gas boilers, coal, wood and heating oil; modular gas heaters; bathroom heater gas; vmc sanitary facilities or gas, individual or collective, and flue pipes of burnt gases.
The delivery will consist of the supply, transportation, unloading, handling, testing and commissioning of a new boiler flue pipes 27 t / h superheated steam 15 barg / 223 A C.
caused flue pipes in the utility room that normally carry combustion
The goods and services span the entire plant technology, including 5 or 6 natural gas-fired hot water boilers with a rated thermal input of 195 MW, including all required for a boiler operating components (eg fuel and combustion air system, fireplace and with flue pipes and silencers, emission measurement), the district heating side connection of the hot water boiler to the existing DH network via a pump station design, piping with fittings, the secondary steel, a natural gas transfer station, switchgear, electrical and I & C equipment and all auxiliary equipment required for a complete and fully functional system.
Open Competition: performance of work on cleaning and current repair chimneys, flue pipes and air ducts residential apartment buildings under management SUE Deux Taganka district
the absence of a draft in your chimney; excessive rusting on flue pipes
New combustion air and flue pipes shall be provided for boilers.
Check chimneys, flue pipes, and vents for rust, cracks or blockage.
Be alert to danger signs that can signal a potential CO problem: streaks of carbon or soot around the service door of your appliances; the absence of a draft in your chimney that could indicate blockage; excessive rusting on flue pipes or appliance jackets; fallen soot from the fireplace; small amounts of water leaking from the base on the chimney, vent or flue pipe and rust on the portion of the vent pipe visible from outside the home.