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Synonyms for flue

Synonyms for flue

flat bladelike projection on the arm of an anchor

organ pipe whose tone is produced by air passing across the sharp edge of a fissure or lip

a conduit to carry off smoke

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The tests made with oil shale at ACFBC (atmospheric circulating fluidized-bed combustor) show that the sulphur dioxide emission is below 5 ppm (calculated to 6% oxygen in dry flue gas).
North America is currently the biggest market of activated carbon for mercury control in flue gas.
8220;There are a number of different constituents of flue gas, ranging from harmless gasses such as nitrogen, oxygen and water vapour, to far more hazardous chemicals such as carbon monoxide (CO), sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.
An inspector then found that a steel beam installed in the loft had broken through the flue, causing it to become blocked.
Established in 1970, Midtherm Flue Systems Ltd, is the only Britishowned major producer of flue systems, which it supplies to installers and manufacturers of wood burners and Biomass appliances.
Gas Safe Register, which sent an officer to investigate, found the flue from the gas fire had been removed from just below the level of the loft, allowing poisonous carbon monoxide gas into the loft space.
The EOR project involves the separation and capture of CO2 from flue gas emitted from Unit 8 of NRG's WA Parish generation station, a coal-fired power generation plant, located approximately 60 kilometers southwest of Houston, Texas, and injection of the CO2 into nearby West Ranch oil field to boost crude oil production.
None of these applications, however, has attempted to extract water vapor from a flue gas stream to humidify air.
The in situ design of the Model 6888 places a zirconium oxide sensing element at the end of a probe which can be inserted directly into a flue gas stream.
To save space there is often just a single leaf of bricks between the flues, so once the parging breaks away, smoke can leak from one flue into the next.
The potential methods for improving energy efficiency considering actual industrial process (Production plant data, 2006) include relevant data, energy consumption and conservation possibilities as well as flue gases waste heat reusing.
If they are not working properly or if the flue is blocked, this can cause a potentially lethal situation.
My maintenance guy then proceeded to explain that the intruder had removed the rain cap from the large boiler flue on the roof, crawled down the flue to attempt to get into the laundromat, and got stuck in the flue pipe.
Damascus, (SANA)-Syrian Ministry of Health is monitoring the mutation of swine flue epidemic H1N1.