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Reconstructing hydroclimaric events from lake sediments is complicated by changes in sediment supply (Desloges and Gilbert, 1995), which result, for example, from fluctuations in glaciers (Leonard, 1997) or summer temperature (Leonard, 1986) on decadal and centennial timescales.
Unexpected fluctuations that influence auditors to revise their audit plans.
Placing reliance on management's explanations about unusual fluctuations without first fully developing independent explanations.
Hawking of the University of Cambridge in England has hailed the long-awaited discovery of those temperature fluctuations by the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) as one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century (SN: 5/2/92, p.
To examine the smaller angularscale variations associated with the evolution of galaxy superclusters, clusters, or individual galaxies, researchers turn to larger antennas, which can resolve fluctuations on a liner spatial scale.
It is the square root of the power spectral density of magnetic field fluctuations at the magnetometer frequency.
A school with two racial subgroups in its student body would have a less than 50-50 chance of achieving an increase for both groups in a given year-because the year-to-year fluctuations are nearly independent for each racial group (therefore the probability is .
Owing to the higher number of flow volumes, the gear pump dampens the pressure fluctuations caused by the screw pump by a factor of up to 10.
Single molecule studies are uniquely designed to yield information about molecular motion, behavior, and fluctuations over time and space.
At the same time, strong fluctuations occurred in the power-distribution grid in southern Sweden, damaging capacitors and power cables.
Alvarez and Jermann measure the "marginal cost of consumption fluctuations," that is the benefit of a small reduction in consumption fluctuations.
As a result, fluctuations in the amount, timing, pages, weight, and kinds of advertising pieces can vary significantly from period to period, depending on its customers' promotional needs, inventories, and other factors.
Magnetic noise is the component of noise due to thermal fluctuations of the magnetic layers used to sense the fields from data bits.
Inflation stretched to cosmic scales random patches of the fabric of space-time that had minuscule fluctuations in density, creating the lumps from which galaxies arose.
Many researchers initially found seasonal fluctuations to be of significant interest,(1) but over time this attitude changed.