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But community colleges have lost about $4 billion from Proposition 98, because the percentage they were entitled to under the law from the fund has fluctuated over time, with residuals going to kindergarten through 12th grade institutions, said Jonathan Lightman, executive director of the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges.
Notably, CINZ's expense ratio has fluctuated between 28.
But a new analysis of ancient seawater has confirmed what some scientists began to suspect several years ago: During the last half-billion years or so, the oceans have fluctuated between varying chemistries.
To gauge how Greenland temperatures fluctuated thousands of years ago, researchers traditionally analyze the ratio of two oxygen isotopes in the ice, which is thought to reflect the temperature of precipitation.
Past ice core work has focused on the recent ice age, a time when the climate fluctuated rapidly between mild and cool periods.