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The quantification of the antiviral activity was either carried out by analysing the number of plaques (PFU: FluA, FluB, Para 3, HRV 14, CA9, RSV), the lesions of viral CPE (Adeno 5) and the amount of viral proteins detected in ELISA (Adeno 5).
FRIEND FLUB #2 She's got her 3y attached to her hand, and won't give it up--even for you.
One of the few podium speakers not to flub lines was a non-pro, Toyota's senior VP and general counsel Dian Ogilvie, who joked she has a script to pitch, "The March of the Inconvenient Penguins.
Futterman & Associates (RKF) has been named the exclusive leasing agent for "The flub," a major new mixed-use project being developed by Related Retail Corporation at Third Avenue & 156th Street in the Bronx, according to David Rosenberg and Barry Fishbach, executive vice presidents at Robert K.
Here, the phrases spoken are reflections on their experience of estrangement from the "loving man" of the title, the husband and father parted from his family both by personal and political changes; but the players laugh involuntarily as they flub their lines.
Thanks to Fleming's flub, diseases like pneumonia, meningitis, and scarlet fever are no longer killers.
Later on in the night, Michael Keaton made the same flub while introducing the movie while presenting the nominees for best supporting actress in a film.
WASHINGTON -- The Environmental Protection Agency's fight to clean up water pollution is getting a splash of pop culture, thanks to a flub involving reality TV star Kim Kardashian.
She seemed unperturbed by the flub as she sang out "Let It Go," from the animated film "Frozen.
Friday's flub also came a day after he said "Iran" when he meant to say "Iraq" during a question-and-answer session with senior citizens at a town hall meeting near Okatie, South Carolina.
Washington, Feb 9 (ANI): After her National Anthem flub, Christina Aguilera has been invited to sing a do-over.
My own earliest feelingsabout Nixon were sensations of sympathy and discomfort, what one might experience when watching a performer flub his lines--or, if not actually flub them, carry them off so poorly that one is too aware of the effort, the acting, the awkward reaching of the man for the role.
Kendall Jenner's telemprompter flub at the BillBoard Music Awards may have been intentional, after all.